11 the most striking events in the life of stars

Last week in the life of stars, several events have occurred: Lolita is thinking about motherhood, Konstantin Khabensky vacationed in Italy, and Sergey Svetlakov have pedigree family.

1. Angelica fears for her son

The ex-husband of the singer don’t like the ex-wife is raising his son Anastas. Nicholas decided to remedy the situation, stopped paying child support in the amount of 250,000 rubles a month, and decided to deprive the former spouse of the parental rights.

2. Lolita is thinking about motherhood

Perhaps with the filing of the fifth wife, 38-year-old coach on the game of squash Dmitry Ivanov, a 49-year-old singer will once again become a mother. Although Lolita is 14-year-old daughter Eva, and Dmitry – 17-year-old daughter Anastasia, a man dreams of a common child – a better son.

3. Keira Knightley had a rest in Italy

3 Sep the favorite of women were married with Olga Litvinova. From the wedding, the couple refused, and here spent their honeymoon in Sicily. The groom’s mother is disappointed that the daughter-in-law – actress, she dreamed of a home girl.

4. Sergey Svetlakov have pedigree family

The popular 35-year-old actor introduced his 31-year-old wife Antonina Chebotareva his 5-year-old daughter. The new wife of Sergey found a common language with the girl. 18 Jul Tonya bore her husband a son, Ivan, now two-time father and is happy.

5. Prokhor Chaliapin dreams of the heir

30-year-old groom and 57-year-old bride Larisa Kopenkina was admitted to the Central clinic to prepare for the birth of the first child. The couple said that without surrogate mothers!

6. Tom Hanks said that for more than twenty years of struggling with diabetes. This 57-year-old actor will never undertake the role for which he will have to gain weight or to lose weight.

7. Michael Douglas admitted that during oral sex with Catherine Zeta-Jones didn’t get sick with cancer of the larynx, as 69-year-old actor was said three years ago, and cancer of the tongue. According to Douglas, to lie to the world he was advised by a doctor.

8. Clint Eastwood was fluffed wife Dina: she took out of court the petition for divorce. After marriage 17 years, 83-year-old actor is now living with a new girlfriend, and the former paid a certain very large amount, so as not to make divorce a scandal.

9. Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden, Pannetiere still engaged. The couple meets 2009, the year before the spring husky-boxer and petite actress broke up, but after a year began to live together again. Wedding date 37-year-old champion and 24-year-old blonde is not yet defined.

10. Lennox Lewis is ready to return to the ring, if he was paid $ 100 million. While the legendary 48-year-old former champion has offered only 50 million, but he considered that this amount is too small. If agreement is reached, the British boxer ready to step into the ring six months later.

11. Miley Cyrus offered a million dollars for the fact that she acted as a Director and performer starring in a porn movie. The producers promise a 20-year-old star is the right choice of partners and generally full creative freedom.

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