7 rules about proper nutrition and cooking

The saying “You are what you eat” still has not lost its relevance. Properly cooked and eaten dinner, will bring you only pleasure and no calories. The main thing – to observe seven important rules from Astrakhan nutritionist Natalia Karaseva!

Prepare tasty and healthy!

1. Less fry, more “worry”

Fried foods harmful to the body. The main injury causing carcinogens that are formed during the roasting process. These substances contribute to the development of cancer. Besides fried foods, as a rule, is more fat and calories than food cooked steamed, baked or boiled. If your family can’t refuse cutlets, grilled meat or fish, try to cook it as little as possible (no more than two times a week), add less fat and vegetable oil when frying and eat the first half of the day, small portions with lots of greens and fresh vegetables! The most sparing diet and methods of cooking are boiling, steaming, stewing and baking. The smaller the period of thermal exposure of the product, the more efficiently preserved in it nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

2. When cooking, pay attention to the choice of oil and spices

In the process of cooking on the fire, it is desirable to use sunflower, olive, corn oil, all other oils (stone fruits, walnut, canola, Flaxseed, and others) applied in cold filling food before serving. Popular butter, and all should be excluded from the diet. For use of spices, there are no restrictions, as each spice is, of course, has its use and improves the taste and aromatic properties of food.

3. Refrigerate foods, so they are better preserved

In this method of procurement remains the maximum amount of nutrients in food, loss of approximately 30-40%. Eating frozen vegetables, berries and greens in the winter, you get vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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