900 military began the construction of railway bypassing Ukraine

The Russian military began to build a railway that will connect Voronezh and Rostov region.

The Deputy defense Minister army General Dmitry Bulgakov said that due to the zhuravka–Millerovo 18 kilometers long, you can let the train in southern Russia to bypass(Luhansk region).

According to Dmitry Bulgakov, in the construction involved more than 360 units of special military equipment and about 900 personnel. Broke military field camps in the villages Novopavlovka and Kolesnykivka Voronezh region.

“Thus, zhdv[train troops]are attracted to is very important for the state project — the construction of double track electrified Railways on sections of the South-East and North-Caucasian Railways with a length of 122.5 km,”said the army General Dmitry Bulgakov, who intends to fly to Voronezh region to check the construction progress.

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