Abdulov can return

Probably 20 Sep actor will appear on the anniversary of the manuscript

Eightieth birthday of Lenkom theatre with the premiere of performance “Marriage” on the day of birth – 20 September – promises to be one of the major Moscow theatrical sensations of the season.

Mark Zakharov and Alexander Abdulov too hard deny the rumors about the possible appearance Abdulov on holiday to be able to believe it. It is already known that Alexander Gavrilovich returned to Moscow, to prepare for operation in the Bakulev center in Israel, Ichilov hospital, it would cost $ 100,000, but in Moscow promises to be free, because the direction Abdulov will be discharged in the Ministry of health.– Today, write that healing from stage IV lung cancer can only happen by a miracle, says mark Zakharov. – But we must not forget, first, that the disease is often only in the fourth stage and is detected – and successful treatment of extended life for years. And secondly, the miracle accompanies Alexander Abdulov throughout his acting career. The miracle was his debut – the play “In lists did not appear”. A miracle had permission both Lenkom’s rock operas… And other miracle in my life Abdulov and theatre I to you will tell more in a separate interview.

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