Actors series “SASHATANYA” about the new season

from November 14 on TNT Sasha and Tanya will make a tattoo, will disclose the crime severe actor Vladimir Epifantsev, dramatically rich, and even puts in the police Department (16+).

For eight years the whole country follows the life and relationships of Sasha and Tanya Sergeeva: in before “the University”, and now in their own series. We watched as Sasha and Tanya lived in the dorms, rented an apartment, and then bought their own homes in the mortgage. We saw their first kiss, the first something more serious and even watched Sasha lost and regained his manhood. We saw how they gave birth to a cute son, Alyosha, and now raise him and teach bad. Sasha Tanya caught a mouse during sex, hamster killed the chief, and almost separated from the card to the fitness club, in General, did everything a normal young couple. No matter what, they drove each other mad — and continue to amuse us.

Andrew Hagolan (Sasha)

I think Sasha and Tania are together because they love each other. Even as actors, I’m surprised we’re not sick of each other, with the valley that we do not have a desire to kill each other. We love it. We have a sense of humor, one understanding of life. We understand each other, listen to each other. And punking each other love. We always wanted to do a good show. Now on TV lots of humor, very different. But lacks the kindness and sincerity which was in the Soviet cinema. We really wanted to approach them. To make the project, which will be funny but not evil and good. We wish people looked, laughed and loved each other. Our audiences grow with us. The audience has become more Mature, and therefore more demanding. In connection with this increased demand and to our history. In General, our show exists just because it is good! Because we write well, we tend to play well.

“I” is a big part of my life. Sometimes I think we with the valley of the Scar most of all for this series experiencing. More authors, Directors, producers. And not because the rest are little worried how! But because we are with the valley in the foreground. And all claims arising from the viewer, all the stones will fly to us. I treat the show as something very dear, very my why sometimes you may get tired of that sometimes, maybe, it hurts, but you still continue to love!

Valentina Rubtsova (Tanya)

“Sit with two children is not easy. Especially if one of them is 30”. In a relationship Sasha and Tanya is no secret, just have love. They so long together because they respect each other, appreciate and love. Why is our watch the show for three years? Because love, family, children — it’s always relevant, always interesting, is now. What is important for everyone regardless of interests, Outlook, financial situation. Viewers like our family, Sergeeva, they see in this family some of his reflections. Our series suggests that happiness is not an expensive car, not a fancy house, not money. Happiness is a loved person who is always there who understands you, who will listen to and accept with all your roaches.

“SACHETANA” everything happens as it should happen. Characters grow, things change, life circumstances change. As in real life — we do, albeit with a smile, tell a story about real life.

Alexey Klimushkin (Sylvester A.)

I think the longevity of our series and throughout the history of the family Sergeeva is due to the simple moments: we try to go myself and try not to lie to ourselves. If we are funny, and the audience is ridiculous. But if we’re not interested, then the audience is not interested. It’s hard, but we try: and the writers, actors and Directors. Our show is about family, about family values. This is our buckles. These buckles we go with the song and the flags are. Nothing is more important. No politics, nothing but family and family relations — this topic brings people together, unites them all. I always tried playing Sylvester, to avoid the stereotypical image of a man, which is the most important thing – money. After the betrayal of his wife, mother Sasha, Sylvester was a stone in his bosom, and his whole story is a consequence of mistrust, defense, sublimation business. To do everything possible not to experience the same pain. But life smarter, with Sylvester going on what I call “kiss on the top”. New love, daughter. I would not say that Sylvester changed because people don’t change, they occur. And here Sylvester is evident. What was a good melodramatic line.

The show becomes slightly more difficult. Such scenario moves, in General is not typical for sketchkomy, it’s the engine that gives you the most filling, meat, without which the characters are plastic and sooner or later forgotten. When people see that the rich also cry, it becomes more interesting. According to Russian tradition we love those who are suffering. This development. I hope that the show Matures.

The new season of “I” from November 14 at 20.00 on TNT!

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