Albert Filozov was hopelessly in love with the mother of Mikhail Efremov

Buried albert Filozov – people’s artist died April 11 of cancer. He long was ill and concealed the illness.

– Since the childhood are not accustomed to bother anyone with my problems, – said the actor Sobesednik.ru in a recent interview, just a few weeks before leaving.

– You had to break “through thorns to the stars”? we asked the artists.

– Never fought. I feel like I floated down the river, everything went by itself. I believe in fate, and, apparently, she led me.

And lucky really were not?

Never. Childhood was post-war and monstrously hungry, literally nothing is – what is luck? My father was shot as an enemy of the people, I don’t even remember him. Mom worked all the time, not to me. I understand that it is heavy, so I never climbed with their problems, probably because it has grown secretive, even the closest don’t know what is really in my heart – but why do I need to worry and cause anxiety.

– The School-Studio of MKHAT you studied at the, perhaps, the star course, and many have become famous.

– It’s true. In those years, I was hopelessly in love with classmate and Alla Pokrovskaya. Watched from a distance behind her. I have never had a chance – she met another classmate, the glory of the Innocent. Later they broke up, and Alla was out of Oleg Efremov.

Yefremov was married to a woman, who was in love Filozov / kino-teatr.ru

We have studied Tanya Lavrov, Alexander Lazarev, Yuri Grebenshchikov is my closest friend, Anatoly Romashin… And two courses over Eugene Urbanski, who was already a star. But he had not boasted glory, and once even wrote about yourself humorous line: “our Urban poor actor, but he starred in the film “Communist””! And he loudly laughed.

– Looking back on my life, how do you assess it, consider yourself still lucky?

– Never look back. And not judging yourself. That will die – let it appreciate.

Detailed recent interview albert Filozova read the next issue of the magazine “Only Star” and on the website Sobesednik.ru.

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