Alla Surikova heals a broken shoulder in the pool

In the life of Alla Surikova, the author of famous films “Be my husband”, “Man from Boulevard des Capucines”, had an emergency.

Recently, the 76-year-old woman fell and broke his shoulder. Now Alla Ilinichna forced to undergo long-term rehabilitation. But Surikov said: now for her the main thing – do not lose heart.

How broke his shoulder, Alla Ilinichna remembers to the smallest detail. That day nothing foretold troubles. In a good mood, she went to a large shopping centre in the hope to indulge in another purchase. The result was in the emergency room.

Now in my shoulder two metal spokes, – complains the Director. – Decided to get in a store to buy something. So enthusiastic about going that he didn’t notice the bench. Caught her foot and fell. Woke up – fracture. Now I have a long recovery. Iron shoulder will stand for at least six months. Fortunately, no severe pain. If only strongly bend the hand or swing it from side to side aches. And normally, I’m used to.

Restores shoulder Alla Ilinichna through sports. Doctors urged her to swim. Now Surikov regular visits to the pool.

– You have to swim and represent a healthy way of life – continues the Director. – We need to help the shoulder recover. Swim for 40 minutes. I want to go to the pool every day, but happens less often. Today was, yesterday was. I go to a special pool with warm water. For example, yesterday it was 36 degrees! You can boil. But the doctors say I shouldn’t. When the water is warm, the muscles relax better. Later, however, when you go out, they begin to say, “Oh no, get back in the pool!”

Friends to know about what happened to Surikova, began to offer folk remedies. But Alla Ilinichna to treat them with caution. While she does only what she is advised by the representatives of official medicine.

– Are afraid to use the people’s money, the Director says. – Although I have already sent recipes from Novosibirsk. But I am afraid – it is dangerous! In this case it is better to “under” than “pen”.

The sport Alla Surikova has always been indifferent. In childhood, like many of her peers, dreamed of an acting career. But then his desire forgotten. When it came time to act, Surikov chose the philological faculty of the Frunze University, and later transferred to Kiev. In parallel was engaged at the Department of mathematical linguistics. However, even a diploma did not help Alla Ilinichna to work.

– When received, I thought that’s a good girl and a good wife should know Russian language, – says Surikov. – I had to write competently and be able to read Hemingway, so I went the faculty. And have not regretted.

In the cinematic coterie Surikov has long been called the Queen of Comedy. And indeed, the most spectacular work she did in this genre. Discouraged Surikov is not going now. She tries every day to get positive emotions. Because thanks to them and the recovery will be faster.

– Go to the country to raise their animals, – says Alla. – I have two dogs, a cat and a cat. One dog I got from the nursery. Daughter Leni Yarmolnik Sasha helps animals in one shelter. We somehow got on the phone and she gave me the dog. Came skinny, ugly, terrified. And now this healthy, powerful, strong beast. Never regretted that took it. Animals in distress, need help. I try to travel regularly to his cottage. Animals need to pay attention: they miss me. Now nurses my AU pair from the Ukraine. I’d always lived in the country, but I can’t: many businesses in the city.

Nature loves Surikov. And regularly monitors its changes, capturing every moment with his camera.

– I have a box of beautiful views of the architectural ensemble and the lake! – said Alla Ilinichna. – When you go past the window, I’m always impressed. Often grab the mobile phone or tablet and take pictures. Going to do an exhibition “the View from my window”. Because over the years I have gathered a lot of beautiful pictures. Especially those that I do in the morning. So you need to notice the beauty around us, and not to fix attention on the disease, then everything will be fine.

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