Almost 15 thousand counterfeit banknotes detected in Russia for three months

The Central Bank reported that in the III quarter of this year found 1,500 less counterfeit money than in previous months.

According to the Bank, in just the last three months the banking system of the Russian Federation found 14 932 counterfeit banknotes. The most counterfeited was again pyatitysyachnyj bill — was revealed 8514 such counterfeit banknotes and counterfeit face value of 1000 RUB — 5345 pieces. Also found were the only fake coin and ten-thirty-one — five-ruble.

The largest number found fake bills became the Central Federal district.

“Traditionally, the largest number of detected counterfeits was recorded in the Central Federal district where the head office (Ho) of the Bank of Russia on TSFO have found 8079 counterfeit currency. Much less fakes (1717) officers identified the North-West of GU and about the same (1640) — the specialists of the South GU. On the minimum number of detected counterfeit banknotes reported far Eastern GU — 277”, — reported on the website of the Central Bank.

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