Anastasia Volochkova accuses MOE of drunkenness

Anastasia Volochkova in Blagoveshchensk not only posing against the backdrop of the sunken city, but openly suggests that MOE does not help local residents.

Anastasia Volochkova was convicted for a photo session on the background of the flooded landscapes of the Far East, however, the dancer is sure that such images render aid, in contrast to the emergency workers.

“If you are dearer Mchsniki drunk, wandering around trouble, my posing on the background of flooding at least will draw attention to the problem. Nasty comments are evil and envious of people I do not touch, but amazing. I care about the tragedy of the floods. And I make photos for you. Well come here to the far East themselves. And support people with a word or good participation. And I’m happy! I can to please them more and dance,”

responded to all negative comments in his address Anastasia Volochkova.

Some things Anastasia Volochkova do seem strange and meaningless, but the star have not listens to the people. Recently, she said that will no longer read the comments from his followers. People with a different point of view, it immediately writes the detractors. The ballerina admitted that more

not afraid of his enemies

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