And the dust of stars to starve not tried?

If today were awarded the television award, I would give it to Vadim Takmenev. Its ironic material in “the Central television” about a football match with the participation of Kadyrov was brilliant. A great movie about Yegor Gaidar – “Cursed days” – showed the “First channel”. But put it later, at midnight. This film and those that were shown to mark the anniversary of Yeltsin surprised some finish. If the authors mean between the lines: “Excuse us, we talk about the people to whom you have already formed a negative attitude”. Although the finish is supposed to be the others, “Excuse us, our heroes, for the fact that in life we have so trampled on, even though you saved the country from civil war.” She began – tobacco riots in St. Petersburg, riots washing powder… Because in February 1917 also seemed that nothing special happens: well, there were women who screamed “bread”. And then 75 years to disentangle. Not felt apology, which should be against Gaidar and Yeltsin.

Am talking about it or not… still, I say! Notorious journalist, to mention whose name even you do not want posted on the Internet the film “Khodorkovsky. Corpses”, where the accused KHODORKOVSKY of organizing a series of murders. This “work” is an illustration of the application of one of our biggest public figures that Khodorkovsky blood on his hands. These words were perceived as a social order, which is immediately in penetrating the form was executed. Well, okay guard, but the rest of the talking in the film, including Poptsov… Pasquantino. The only thing that comforts me: while none of the channels that the video did not take. Yet.

In “Cruel games” star again fall into the water, breaking his neck, get the eye… That’s why this transfer? I remember a good joke from the Communist era. About Brezhnev, telling America about their aged people: “We give them the salary small pay – suffer. Products are not – suffer. Housing bad – suffer.” Suddenly from the audience, the journalist asks: “And the dust did not try?” When you see “Cruel intentions”, this question sounds in my ears.

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