Andrey Danilko had my heart broken

The star of the show business Danilko, turning on the stage in a sprightly Verka Serduchka, always the lonely lady “in search of”, it seems, so playing the unhappy love, that I totally overlooked his own personal life. 38-year-old actor recently admitted that, despite the desire to have a serious relationship, it does not work, as it cannot push the work into second place. It is not surprising in show business a long time, there are legends about the workaholism Andrey Danilko. Yes, and the artist throws up his hands: there’s no time for anything but work.

Sympathy arise. I don’t iron. But you do realize that there is no development – justified Andrew in front of the Ukrainian journalist. – And you know that with you is very difficult, and you should not make another person’s life difficult! Well it’s not the TV to buy! Although I think after 40 it all starts, there would be some compensation. But I specially do not do anything…

And maybe it’s not just the lack of time? It is more likely that Andrey Danilko still can’t forget his first love, whom he met in summer camp “Mayak” for more than thirty years ago. Future artist gave the girl hand made gifts and in the tradition of children’s courtship pulling pigtails and misbehaved. “I think this is the best period of my life and youth. The smell of pine, the morning toothpaste. So miss all this!” – admits the singer.

To the question about the first kisses, the artist burst out: “God save. What was a kiss? It was a love that requires nothing.

You love and like. This is already there that “just love”.

So, who is the one who, for a third of a century is firmly established in the heart of Andrei Danilko?

– Her name is Valya Vasko. This is a very big first love was. You know, I was even looking for. I think maybe she got married. If she can hear me, may somehow manifest itself, asks Andrew.

Let’s hope that the mysterious Val Vasko announced and finally released the star of show business from his obsession, presenting the family, the kids and the stamp in the passport. Or maybe Vice versa – thirty years later still save Andrei Danilko from loneliness and gossip about the gay?

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