Anna starshenbaum: “Children want at least three”

— Anna, what a character you got in the TV series “Family business”?

— Lida — fitness instructor. It is unlucky, awkward. Her first unlucky marriage, and she moved to Moscow, leaving everything behind. Work is also not evolved: the previous place she was fired. Now she helps the main character, Ilya (the role of Vladimir Yaglych — ed.) to work with children. I think she is greatly underestimating himself. Lida did not fully understand what is capable and what is worthy. Lives as it will go with the flow.

You had to specifically train to be a fitness instructor?

— No. We had the day we shot the scene in the hall, then my character showed the kids some exercises, but I did it without special training. Probably because she go and do, to keep myself in good shape. When I have time.

— Two guys from your five cinematic “children” are adults and three young. How was working with such a company?

— At first it was amusing to watch them, then slowly begin to get tired of so much energy — they have a restless, exuberant, often I have to bring them to life, set to work. They are all independent and self-confident. Practically professionals! But our children are still somewhat different from Western ones. There, apparently, they’re more liberated — they are given complete freedom in everything and everywhere, in all manifestations and expressions. Our kids are brought up more conservatively and therefore slightly stiff. Sometimes I even had to help them get out of this sandwiched state, to push themselves.

— Son Vanya took with him to the shooting?

In many ways, he in November will be three years. Sometimes he’s with me, sometimes with my husband sometimes stays with a nanny. In General, I decided that my work schedule is not more than 15 workdays in a month. So the time for family and home enough, ugh-ugh. (Laughs.)

— You have long been familiar with Vladimir Agrichem, which plays a major role in the series. This is probably on the site more interesting?

— Of course! We constantly improvise, come up with different moves played out the scene. It’s unusual, but interesting, of course. Originally I thought that we shoot a light, the children’s project, but the boy caught the wave of “hardcore” and continues on it to keep. (Smiles.) That is, some scenes turned us into purely comedic, even with notes of black humor.

Is Comedy harder than drama?

— It’s probably heavier. Dramatic role play how you feel. And in the Comedy constantly new circumstances, context, and task need to be invented. There is virtually no “support” for the role. Basically all out at the expense of charm. A lot depends on the Director and partner: if there is a living energy between people, you can play anything.

— Many young actors do multiple projects. What is your range of choice?

— Send me different scenarios, and many I don’t agree. Usually in weekend I have at least three samples per day — I choose to weed out. But the paradox: don’t know in advance what will be involved in a particular project. For example, during production of the series “the Thaw” I read the script and it seemed to me boring. Not impressed! However, I knew that relieves Valery Todorovsky, then get cool. And so it was. I think it’s a matter of chance and luck. I try to adjust themselves to luck, but logic does not work in such cases, and intuition sometimes fails.

— You have a big acting dream?

— Become cynical. Before, I wanted to play Juliet or Joan of Arc, and now just want to play in a big, high-quality movies. This is a professional desire, which is bordered by a dream.

— Your husband Aleksey Bardukov is also an actor. You discuss with each other their work?

— We always supported each other, and no race personal success we have no one in the family. With our schedules to be together is not easy, but we try. Now my husband just the release of the performance they rehearsed for seven months. From ten to two it in rehearsal, and then goes home, so if I’m not on shift, the time together we have. (Smiles.) In addition, come to each other on the platform. We love to be together, to travel. Family always comes first. Movie, with all the love for him is secondary.

— What places for travel choose?

Usually we try to diversify the rest and we all like it. There was not a single country, which would have left a negative impression. I recently got out for ten days in new York. Very much, great! New experience is always nice.

— Your son is already evident acting talent?

— He’s very artistic. When we go to different clubs, we see that Vanya is reverent, sophisticated, or something. In short, not the son of a plumber. (Laughs.) Us and the midwife that attended my birth, said, that van looks like a creative person’s physique!

— The birth of Ivan you somehow changed?

— Of course. Before the birth I Wani a very different look at the world. Thought I will forever be “a Tomboy” and children don’t interest me. It turned out, quite the contrary! Children are the meaning of life and the most precious thing we have. I love to communicate with children, it’s easy for me, because I feel involved. Know can give them. This very well motivates.

— Recently released a picture of Yuri Moroz “Fort Ross” with your participation. You have there in the background, “Family business” a completely different way…

— This is a fun adventure movie about the past and the future — the jump in time, pirates… but I imagine there is visually not much. It so happens that the picture is a good movie, but you look ugly. My mom and I watched a movie, and even she, though, loves me very much and usually praises, said, “Anya, that no frame, then trouble!” I agree — that was unfortunate. It depends on many factors: as the light stood up, as the Director decided to show. The whole movie was one scene where I have a nice face.

— Mom you have a critic or helper?

She is a loyal viewer. When I start to get upset that you picked the wrong project, she reassures me: “Anna, you’re too judgmental. Why compare this work with “Dogville”? You’re 20 years are still ahead!” She always supports me.

— In April you turned 25. As noted?

— In General, the tradition to celebrate birthdays before the baby we had. But now I understand that you want to celebrate these holidays in family. Just this year we added onto the house in the Moscow region, where the first said this is a New year — with a fireplace and a Christmas tree. Happy birthday harder me or the husband can work at this time. But the desire to celebrate in the family circle is always there.

— Do you like receiving gifts?

— I liked to give them. But now, once again, felt like a real girl, she loved to get gifts and surprises. (Smiles.) My husband is attentive — just yesterday gave me flowers.

— What are your favorites?

— I like the field. But again, after the birth of my son, I changed: I now love all the flowers and all around! Try to enjoy every moment in life and everything with a positive attitude. Life became harmonious and warm.

— Allow the possibility of increasing family in the future?

We really want! I want we had at least three. (Laughs.) First dreamed of five, but after the birth of Vanya realized that three’s enough.

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