As of may 17 held a gay parade in Tbilisi?

Flashed footage with the police — it was obvious that the guards in confusion, like they have to intervene in the looming conflict, but on their faces there was no noticeable particular desire to do this… Further events in the absence of review developed as follows: the police finally came out of the stupor and intervened already in a serious fight, out of nowhere pulled up buses, beat hurried to get into them. A huge crowd is something screaming people ran long for buses with the clear intention to catch up and seriously “kick your ass”.

My husband and I looked at each other, shut their mouths and simultaneously asked each other the question, “what was that?..”

All cleared up after a few minutes, when I went to comments. We watched in Tbilisi ended poorly planned and permitted by the municipality, the parade of sexual minorities…

More may 16, after learning of the impending action, on TV, made Patriarch of all Georgia Ilia II. To quote his words, slightly abridged:”…a Scheduled meeting of sexual minorities aims the solution to the problems of these people, and speculation on this topic. Despite the traditional thinking in our country, these citizens can lead their personal lives without restriction…. Our Church believes these people are in grave sin, which need sympathy, not promotion…… Our people have a completely different spirit, therefore, clear sharp protest against this action, and such meetings generally…. We think that the municipality should take note of this and to abolish the resolution of this action in order to avoid serious consequences…. Also say that an international Convention clearly gives you the right to limit such action, taking into account the public interest in order to avoid violence and crimes”.

… Apparently, the leadership of the municipality decided to show how they are “advanced and modern”, and did not consider the warnings of the Patriarch. Now try to tell in detail what happened on 17 may on Rustaveli Avenue.

17 may marks the international day against homophobia, to this date the Georgian organization “Identity” and decided to hold a March of gays and lesbians on the Central street of Tbilisi. As already mentioned, the municipality was advised not to give permission, but Gigi Ugulava, the mayor of the city publicly stated that it will not infringe the constitutional right of sexual minorities to conduct such actions. Who knows what his motives were, giving “good”, one thing is for sure — as someone who was born and raised in Georgia, he knew in advance what the result of this parade…

By one o’clock, when the parade was supposed to start on Rustaveli Avenue, in front of representatives of sexual minorities have already gathered the indignant crowd, which is several times higher than the number of participants. The poor fighters for their rights not even had time to proshestvovali a hundred yards — opponents of the March broke through a police cordon and rushed at them with his fists. The police are not that confused — they were perplexed and a few minutes could not decide what to do, whether to look further and not to interfere, or still carry out their duties and begin to break up the fighting.

In the city center was pulled dozens of ambulances, out of nowhere appeared a lot of buses, they were in a panic to jump the failed fighters for their rights, their enraged pursuers began to throw stones at the Windows of the buses… Affected, according to information in the Internet, more than a hundred people, but I must say that this figure is greatly exaggerated — from reliable sources, I personally found that hospitalized 17 people, one of whom was hurt seriously. Among the injured several police officers and one journalist.

Hostile to the action of the men was stopped by the presence and statement of the so-called “high-level” entities. the Head of the “Center for human rights”, member of Parliament, Ucha Nanuashvili tried to calm the irate crowd, but in response to his statement flew first insults, then stones, and he was forced to flee. Not without its oddities — “under the hand” just missed the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Bridget brink, which happened to be in the city centre at the time of the parade. Behind her car, pursued opponents of the parade, they were in full confidence that the American came there for a reason.

On the part of opponents of the gay parade was a large number of representatives of the Church. Typically reserved and intelligent, the priests could not restrain the indignation and even anger.

It should be noted that despite the presence of sexual minorities in Georgia, in the General population is very conservative in terms of tolerance to this phenomenon. You can argue and say all you want, but fact is fact — the majority of Georgian population does not accept homosexuality and abhorred representatives of sexual minorities.

And Georgians are intolerant not only to “his”, but to foreigners — a couple of years ago in the Georgian village of two German homosexuals were beaten, bound and dumped in the river, when suddenly during the feast, they tried to promote their “advanced” views on life.

What can I say finally… Thank God, everything ended a little blood, could be worse…

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