As penny spoon almost become “gold”? From the cycle “Shuttle tales from Karpov”

The Assembly of the chandeliers is very troublesome and lengthy, and because we have other things to return flight no, Istanbul is tired, to wander without any sense shopping not want no money, all spent on the chandelier, we decided to collect the set of pendants and chains here, especially because MUZO very cleverly does, and the money for the Assembly does not take. He says that he sells chandeliers in the collection and does not discount us because we disassembled take, and for volume purchases. From MUZO even has a favorite saying — “cheaper by the dozen”, it inserts it everywhere, so tired already. And chandeliers, we take a lot of pieces fifty each time from Istanbul carry just as much drag on the plane can.

Well, okay, well even that morning was loose, we have long wanted in Sunday’s Turkish Bazaar look. There is such a “huge” collection of small-scale producers of clothes and all household stuff. Russian was not met, trade in the Lira, in General not interesting, but still fun. Alyosha, my very young partner, and started to stick:

— Anatoly Ilyich, we let this market go, my wife any nonsense to instructed to buy. Where to look for it — I don’t know, and in the Bazaar, maybe.

To go to the Bazaar for about twenty minutes, the weather is good, we relaxed. People the streets are full, and we’re loudly discussing our plans in pure Russian. Here to do not very recommended, you never know who you can run into, but I repeat — we are very relaxed, that vigilance and lost.

We reached the Bazaar, as usual — the noise, the hubbub, the jostling, the Turks, the people of East, they are even louder at this than us, to be deaf. We wander between the rows, all the nonsense they’re some kind of trade, it is often impossible to understand what this was. But they have their own rules, customs and habits, so they are such small things, perhaps the farm required.

Suddenly Lyosha says:

— Anatoly Ilyich, and we let ourselves into the office a set of teaspoons take, and our very large, they are in Turkish cups to prevent embarrassing.

These cups, which in Turkish is called a “mess”, we’ve taken a long time and are very fond of them tea to drink all day SIP to drink, as do the Turks, that we are addicted too. And mix them in our spoons really uncomfortable.

I looked at one of the wooden folding table is a mountain of cardboard boxes with the little spoons tea, just right for these “clutter” of the fittest. Here I am in the breast pocket climb and a 20-dollar bill, just in case postponed, get box Alyosha convey, and the delivery wait when its Turks in dollars from all its neighbors ponaberut, Lira no use to us. Five minutes he was running and a whole bunch of 1-dollar bills dragged. I’ve just counted them for the order and back into my pocket shoved, and the button buttoned.

Once we left the table and was in the crowd, as I hear, with the characteristic that accent, I was contacted by someone:

— Slyushay, daragoy, you now the money I give.

Turn around, behind me a young guy in a black leather jacket with the characteristic such appearance on the Istanbul streets is full of it, they’re Russian tourists right at all to Rob. May be two or three, the wall will press, the pockets pass, the money will find, and rake in the crowd dissolved. Every day someone complained of this outrage. The Turkish authorities didn’t care, but we took out, and very even. Know how frustrating it all the time in suspense again, because we tried on the street loudly in Russian to communicate, to not dashing to court, and then to relax.

I stand silently with my twist, and he continues:

The police did not look for, she lured us, the noise did not raise, the cops will come running and you have in your pocket a packet of parasochka find. Don’t know what period of time in Turkey for this offer, you learn quickly. So unbutton a button, take money and give it to me. The boy has no money, the face seen, won it with a greed for the rich looks you’ve hardly even there, and these give, they’re more important than you. You somehow have to earn, and I where to get how not you, and he so vile laughed.

I was afraid that I’d be searched. My pants were inside large pocket fastened, and $ 6,000 was lying, the remainder, which we Muzaffer for the product had to give. Under the arrangement, on arrival we he gave half, and the second — last day. This day came today, so I foolishly, but in my laziness, all the money from the safe of the hotel took and took, shop lustrous near this Bazaar is that of walking, I thought, here it comes.

I looked around, but noticed only two children are the same, very similar to my counterpart, at least, the black leather jackets they were exactly in the same place purchased. Probably his brothers — I thought. One of them smiled at me so warmly that I even wince when he twisted his finger, that means come on, what do you do, you still have to do as we demand.

I sigh undid the button and pulled that soiled stack of papers that these guys have been getting an urge to leave, not taking the pennies, but they took them and disappeared, like a heavy dream or vision.

In ten minutes we are with MUZO had already removed the heavy curtains from the Windows store, then two hours of night collecting crystal in iridescent snake, or large pendants consisting of various sizes of sparkling details. About what happened at the market, remember didn’t want.

It’s been two days, and in the morning the receptionist brought to our room a tray with pretty glass cups. Lyosha took out of the bag a cardboard box and looking at it thoughtfully, said:

Honey, however, is a spoon.

I said nothing, but thought, “Well, that was not searched, and gold, these spoons could be”.

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