As the power of revenge addicts?

While the authorities of the capital have fought with the opposition, vytaplivaete grass on Clean ponds, overlooked another danger in Moscow riotous color turned green hemp.

Abundant seedlings Сannabis sativa gave ordinary flowerbed, peacefully situated in the South of the capital. Fans to collect the herbaria of these plants are forced to disappoint – the drug Agency, which for this reason had to learn horticultural skills and tools, everything is dug out and taken away in an unknown direction. The crop, incidentally, was quite good – as many as 230 of the bushes.

– At present it appears, from what region in Moscow brought the ground, and also how it could be hemp seeds, – explained in the Federal drug control service.

There is a version that providers saved on the ground for nothing and took him with the former collective farm fields, where once I sowed hemp for the production of rope and hemp oil. We can also assume that the grass accidentally sowed migrant workers from Asia, obustraivalis a bed.

Interestingly, shaggy green shoots were discovered on the eve of the entry into force of the ban on the sale of non-prescription codeine medicines. As if in protest, because now to buy, say, Nurofen, will have to serve in the clinic huge queue. And all because of the junkies rogue, making not expensive Nurofen cheap and terribly toxic desomorphine. It would seem, than natural cannabis is not an alternative to a hand-made poison? Grandma would quietly bought in pharmacies your kaffetin, and junkies would peacefully grazing in the flower bed. All would be alive and relatively healthy. So no, certainly it is necessary to tear out by the roots! We are not able to painlessly solve the problem…

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