AVTOVAZ again throwing money to the wind

Soon the Assembly line of AVTOVAZ will go to competitive products. The plant decided to start production of a toy “Kalin”, “Priority” and other subspecies of the family Lada.

Is not a way of making money, and one channel of advancement of cars Lada, – said the company.

That is, using matchbox cars automobile set out to make its brand “more is better” is popular. Although much much more. It is incomprehensible to the target audience for this, admittedly charming action. Adult population and it is confident that the company’s products are not real – buy it is theoretically possible, but about to go – there are doubts. Quite the toy car carrier, except for a few collectors automodelic, is not necessary – age is not the same.

Children may not refuse miniature “Kalina”, but there is a suspicion that they are spoiled all the Chinese bat-mobiles and copies of the Maserati. Yes, the toy market is also a serious competition!

However, AVTOVAZ is looking forward to the future and are confident that the toys of the younger generation will spend their first savings in the fruits of their labors.

The agreements with the developers of toy cars for the right to use the factory marks have already been concluded. And the Togliatti company Grand Toys recently even agreed to model the Granta, which we will soon be able to see on the shelves.

The administration does not mind the fact that a few generations grown up in childhood and had fun with the models of “Zhiguli” and “Muscovites”, and the ride somehow prefer foreign cars. Even if funds are sufficient only to much used.

But we still wish AVTOVAZ success. At least in this field.

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