Bad apartment. Where Bulgakov put hell?

I must say that this apartment — no. 50 — had long since enjoyed, if not bad, then, in any case, the strange reputation“. (M. Bulgakov. “The master and Margarita”).

This house was built in the early 20th century. Once there were gardens and country yards (Sadovaya, after all). The land was purchased and began construction. In the period of the construction boom the main customer of builders and architects became a wealthy merchant. Particularly popular type of apartment apartment houses. Such was the house at number 10.

This impressive nice house in modern style soon became known as the home of Pigita. Ilya Pigit, the rich merchant, of the Karaite community, philanthropist. He was the owner of the tobacco factory “Ducat” (“Duvan + Katik” — Karaite names), which now works. It is also in some way immortalized by Bulgakov — only under the name of Elpit. He Pigit also lived in his house. By the way, the rich interior decoration of the apartment itself Pigita legends: that Wallpaper was made from crocodile skin, and window of Jasper.

Pigit filed for a building permit. The first version of the building was cut due to the fact that it was impossible to build production facilities near the Church of priest-Martyr Hermolaus with Goat swamp. Authorities refused flatly is not a godly thing tobacco factory near the Church. The Church then still destroyed, and the house of balconies and Bay Windows of the living — has been constructed (architects Yuditskii and Milcov). One of the buildings was specifically designed for workshops. Thus, for the most part in this house always quartered Bohemia.

After the revolution the house Pigita became one of the first workers houses-communes. He Pigit have left or died, but in the house were occupied by some members of his family. Apartments and studios turned into a communal, was the beginning of a communal Moscow, with the housing question, which forever “spoiled Muscovites”:

On the Large Garden Is home healthy. Lives in the house our brother is the Organized proletariat. And I was lost between the proletariat As some, pardon the expression, atom(Bulgakov)

In this house who has not lodged. 24 in the apartment he lived and worked the artist Pyotr Konchalovsky — the grandfather of the current Directors Konchalovsky and Mikhalkov. Here often visited and worked Surikov. The apartment 38, lived the famous theatre artist Georgy Yakulov. His wife kept a fashionable salon. There could not happen and “critics in the civilian”. In the same apartment was created by the no less famous creative Association “Jack of diamonds”. It is Sergei Yesenin became acquainted with Isadora Duncan. In this workshop, visited by many guests from Fyodor Chaliapin to Marshal Zhukov.

Here in one of the big studios lived and was shot from unfortunate love millionaire Ryabushinsky (survived, died in France). And in the apartment No. 36 lived the sculptors of dynasty Rukavishnikova. In this “encore” house lived Fanny Kaplan before the attempt on Lenin — just the relative Pigita. Surprisingly, sheltered the anarchist-terrorist people at the time were not injured even after the arrest and execution Kaplan. Perhaps because eserka and convict Anna Savelievna Pigit had been in exile for plotting the assassination of Nicholas the Second Shot… it was much later — in 1938.

So the house has gained some fame initially.

Mikhail Bulgakov arrived in Moscow in the autumn of 1921″no money, no things.” What was Moscow for the visitor in the 20s? Poverty, hunger, unemployment, communal.

“Man needs a room. Without a room of people can not live. My fur jacket was replaced by me a coat, blanket, tablecloth, and bed. But he couldn’t replace the room as well as the suitcase”. (Bulgakov)

In Moscow the writer lived with my sister and her husband. To them he went. Mikhail Bulgakov lived in two apartments of this house, for the most part — the apartment 50.

“A housing Association on a Large Garden the house 10… wanted to evict us. They just needed the money, and the money we had. And that’s only a few months have passed, Michael began working in the newspaper, where he headed Krupskaya, and she gave Michael a piece of paper to get it prescribed. That’s how we got there”. (From the memoirs of T. Lappa, his first wife.)

Flat 50 made a strong impression on Mikhail Bulgakov. It is a place of action not just “the Master and Margarita” and other works: “Psalm”, ” No. 13. House Elpit-Rabkommuna”, “Moonshine lake”, “Memory”. Neighbors in the communal apartment he was 16.

In the apartment lived a kind 34 Anna Goryacheva — the ubiquitous prototype of the famous Annushka. The kitchen is the main battleground hissing kerosene stoves, was clearly Chad, and it turns out the relationship. To visit Bulgakov anyone not specifically invited.

“Imagine, part Il’chin and sees a sofa, and the upholstery ripped and sticking a spring on the light bulb over the table, lampshade made of newspaper, and the cat goes, and from the kitchen came the swearing Annushka”

But the guests still were:

“Neighbors Bulgakov brought from the village rooster. He was confused by Bulgakov that sang at night without time. Life in the city was hit with a sense of cock“. (K. Paustovsky)

And the toilet in a bad apartment didn’t always work:

Sorry, some facilities for Example, no — ruined water closet. With a washbasin in trouble, too: the Day he is dry, and the night of it on the floor the water flows

Normal communal life-being. The main problem is still not cooking in Chad and in the absence of water closet, is that serious problems become relationships between people:

Remember, that there was no rest neither day nor night. Many neighbors brewed moonshine, swearing, and often fought among themselves“. (Lappa)

In this apartment people are disappearing, people here suddenly appeared.

Nikanor Ivanovich opened his mouth. Cash some foreigner, with interpreter, in this apartment was a perfect surprise, and he demanded an explanation… Counting the money, the Chairman received from Koroviev the foreigner’s passport for temporary registration, put it, both the contract and the money in the briefcase, and somehow slipped shyly asked the kontramarka“. (Bulgakov. “The master and Margarita”).

It is here settled retinue of Satan. The other world is constantly crossed and got along very well with the real Moscow of the world. This apartment Bulgakov put hell. But hell — she’s also in the eye of the beholder, the soul is experiencing, in a twist of irony:

Moscow is not Berlin, this time, and second, a person living a year and a half in the corridor N 50, do not be surprised by anything…”. (Bulgakov)

Now on the official house number 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya hangs a sign that he — the famous non-existent number 302-bis. While this is the only Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. The house became the hero of many works. Surprisingly a lot of people, which is pushed, smiling, drinking coffee, and photographed.

The Museum often hosts concerts Bulgakov loved and greatknowledge of music. Often presents its performances of the theatre “Comedian”.

Just think, a communal Moscow 20-ies of the 20th century, you haven’t seen St. Petersburg’s communal apartments of the late 20th century. You have these bad apartments not seen (that’s me in the side grumble). Not accidentally as an option sometimes specify the Tolstoy house in St. Petersburg. And we will continue to walk throughBulgakov’s Moscow

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