Benedict Cumberbatch: Fatherhood helped me to play hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch gave an interview about his role in “hamlet” and how it was influenced by changes in personal life.

For many men becoming a father for the first time means not to sleep at night to experience a whirlwind of emotions and to be constantly tired. On the world-famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch fatherhood has affected quite differently: it made him the best of hamlet.

Cumberbatch made his debut in a production of Shakespeare on the stage of theatre of the Barbican, however, his speech will be able to see not only the residents and visitors of London: 15 October-entry performances will show in cinemas in 44 countries around the world, including in Moscow.

Sobesednik.ru publishes an interview of Benedict Cumberbatch, in which he talked about the virtues of fatherhood, the difficulties at work and shared plans for the future.

Benedict, tell me how you managed to combine working on the play “hamlet” with the role of the father?

— A baby got me thinking about the role of a parent. Originally I thought that in order to experience the role of hamlet, one must be a childless person but it was the opposite. The birth of my child forced me to take a new look at hamlet and his relationship with his father. I’ve thought a lot about it. At the end of the first performances following the death scene of hamlet, I immediately started to analyze all my mistakes and how they were perceived by audiences and critics. But it passed quickly, because I suddenly had urgent need: eat and sleep, but also to see the baby. So instead sit back and criticize myself, I fled home to my son.

And before you become a father, you have no desire to sleep and eat after the show?

— I did not feel this so keenly. Play along with paternity strongly exhausting me, making me feel hungry and tired. Actually, I ate a lot, to somehow maintain physical strength.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter / GLOBAL LOOK Press

After you have officially confirmed their participation in “hamlet”, tickets for the performance sold with a record in the history of the English theater speed. What did you feel when you found out about it?

— It’s exciting and scary at the same time. Not only because you will come to see so many people, but also because it is a completely new stage, this performance before a completely new audience that I had to conquer first. I’ve wanted to play hamlet, he was on my list of great roles I’d like yourself to try. My inner voice told me many times that we should finally try, after a couple of years I won’t be able to be like a young guy. When I told my colleagues and friends that I still decided to play in the play, they skeptically looked at me and said, “Well, good luck to you.” This is a very big role for me.

Let’s talk about your other big role — the role of Alan Turing in “the imitation Game”. What was it liketo play a genius who has cracked the secret code and helped win world war II, and at the same time sensitive and closed person who cannot admit their orientation?

— Had to find between these two natures balance, and this is the most unusual in my experience. The movie had a terrific script that helped me to get a feel of the character. The whole story is a secret. The secret of a man who cannot tell about their orientation, secrets of world war II. Turing is not a sociopath, which many try to present it. It is much better. It has sides that make it quite unlike the others. He’s charming.

Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of hamlet / freeze frame YouTube

The last couple of years you never cease to make movies. You like to be a workaholic?

— Actually, I love to relax. I love to just sit and observe what is happening with the landscape, with the people around. But I also love my job. And while I have the chance I want to try myself not only as an actor but as a screenwriter or Director. In General my schedule is booked through mid-2016.

Given your workload and the workload of your colleagues, Martin Freeman [John Watson in the series Sherlock— approx. ed.] as you see how long you can play in the TV series “Sherlock”?

— Hard to say. I don’t think we need to do the series to the last, until it looks at least one person. I think it needs to be done, when it will be at the peak of popularity. While we have great ideas that we will implement. Anyway, I’d like to play Sherlock, even when I’m very old.

The role of Sherlock does not seem like a life vest? What you can always come back and know that you will succeed?

— No, if that were the case, I would have got bored. I can’t give you details of the next series, but I will say that the Christmas episode was for me something amazing. It touches on so many familiar things that I had to reconsider. Return to “Sherlock” I love it, but this is not a lifeline for me every time I have to come up with new ways for the image of the character and teeter on the brink.

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