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— Nic dla mnie. Tłuszczu, tłuszczu jest! Moich znajomych czeka bardzo, kończy. (Nothing. Bacon, fat only! My friends really looking forward to, it ended.)

On the way to Germany we always stay at uncle-pole, he lives near Poznan. Well, since in Poland, as in Greece, now has all the gift taking the symbolic national champagne or a bottle of your favorite beverage.

One day, many years ago, got to the table and his uneaten sandwiches. Mostlywith salsaand cucumbers left.

Guy sniffed, cleared his throat from the spices and garlic, and asked why we is bacon with a transportable, sausage, or what, we do not have in stores.

— Ale co to za zapach pyszne?! (But what is that smell delicious?!) — surprised, again moving the plate of bacon to him.

In Poland such fats neither in shops, nor even on the market will not meet. The poles, they are more in the rolls bacon pate burst. FFI, and…

So, started from that day — once to go to Germany, uncle already warned: “Without fat in your home don’t even let you go!”

He’s with buddies and neighbors about the “arrival” of fat a rite satisfied. Table in the garden or at the winter porch. Vodka. Pickles. Tomatoes. Black bread. And in the center is a beautiful dish waiting for fat. And we are the dear guests. Nice.

We, of course, the consumption of fatin our soul in the year left behind and from the Ukrainians and from polar bears (they are bears eat only the skin and fat extraction, using the rest only in exceptional cases), but still don’t forget at least sometimes about this delicacy. Salt it and fry it, smoked sometimes, no matter how harmful it is for health. Lard as a cooking fat using.

And whatever you call you lard — bacon or brisket, poderevnoy or bacon fat, bacon — and in Africa it fat! Our product is!

And skwarecki to pancakes fresh as always by the way!

But I’ll tell you about mymethod of cooking, szujski, so to speak. So you understand why uncle our Polish literally a barrier in our way to Germany blocks fat to him come on!

Fat in Chujsky

A piece of fat with skin (with meat or without interlayer) is cut smooth blocks of size cm 8-10 cm 8-10 to skin, leaving it intact.

spices in a mortar:

black pepper bitter, pepper fragrant;red chili pepper;dried parsley;dried dill;lemon juice;teaspoon of sugar.

No ratios do not give — do everything to taste, sometimes add, at the request of my home something, and something is removed from this mixture. And the weights of ingredients always gives a new taste. Tasteless was not even once, though!

All carefully mix, pericolace. Now add a large handful of salt. Again mix well.

This mush of spices a good RUB every cut the piece of fat on all sides.

The same is done with the skin.

On the bottom of the pan pour the salt, put this, flavored with spices, fat gob. Top following, more, more…

Now cover with a cotton towel and on top of him to put a decent weight load. I put the stone.

Leave the pan for three days to “rest” at room temperature. Fat let the juice, then again his “drink”.

And now, remove from the pan, shake off excess salt, cut into convenient size pieces, put in tea bags and in the freezer!

By the way, very handy those little frozen squares are cut at the skin on the desired portion, it is not necessary to thaw the entire piece.

Well, now take it out, try it and tell us how you like the food. The only way to tell us that we have the drool drip!

I got?

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