Briefs – about you will tell you boldly, or what is the force of the bottoms?

Looking underwear, can focus not only on pretty colors and quantities of lace. But primarily on your body type and wardrobe. Trustiest with almost any clothing, from oversized jeans to slinky evening outfits. But not any figure. These panties fit well on the owner of the shapely forms. Those who have the stomach and thighs had already poznakomitsya fat, it is better to find a more closed model.

— linen wide elastic high waist. Briefs are the most comfortable to wear. However, have a small flaw under tight fitting clothes showing through their seams.

In case when you need to be dressed up in a slim skirt or pants, suit — panties with a tiny triangle in front and a thin string in the back. Thong is not forbidden to wear the ladies with curvaceous, the main thing — to choose your size, otherwise wedged into a tight rope the body will resemble a sausage with constrictions.

also exposes the buttocks like a Thong, invisible under tight fitting clothes. By the way, specialists in Laundry, it is not recommended to get involved a g-string and Thong in the office or institution. These clothes are more appropriate at the party.

indispensable in the gym. In addition, they are aesthetically pleasing lift buttocks. A miniature variety of boxers, worn on the hips, called. Well, loose shorts made of cotton or silk can be worn under business straight skirt.

Models figured out, go to the study of what they are made of. The most “friendly” to the body — of course. It is soft, does not irritate the skin, remarkably absorb moisture and has an antibacterial effect. But, unfortunately, pure cotton creases easily and is quite bad stretches. It is better to buy linen with, which will help the material to get rid of these disadvantages. And cotton with premastersecret rapid absorption of moisture and prevent the occurrence of static discharges. It is worth noting that is really a high quality product must not contain more than 40% viscose, otherwise it will quickly tear.

Considered to be the most comfortable briefsmercerized cotton. In its manufacture the raw material of comb many times, and as a result, the tissue becomes soft and pleasant to wear. However, it is not cheap.

Those who enjoy morning jogs or shaping, fit of the underwear. It is synthetic based. It does not absorb moisture as cotton, and simply passes through, contributing to its rapid evaporation.

Well-proven artificial fibers. They recreate the natural properties of cotton, but have a significant advantage — don’t crease and have good elasticity.

Still not losing ground, and the classical linen material — silk. Although not everyone can afford one. In silk the skin “breathes”, it instantly absorbs moisture and promotes rapid evaporation, also very easy. But also aristocratic fabric is not without flaw: she hesitates and requires very gentle washing.

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