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31 Oktyabrina and cynically raped in the credit Department. Raised the interest rate demanded early repayment, rejected new loans. Now I understand that he feels raped in the alley the woman. Given to read at work article, long laughed:”Banks are under government pressure agreed to concessions on the repayment of the mortgage loans after the birth of a fifth child in the family. Concessions are valid for the whole of 2009″. Maybe someone will have time…

10 nayapatrika tax. Self-fulfilling. With her Commission on labour, the Deputy Prosecutor and the chief of the sanitary-epidemiological service. Demanded not to dismiss anyone, otherwise right now I have like a gray goat. On TV was made by Kudrin, said that there will be no devaluation of money and the country will have enough years to fifteen. It is time to take on the bucks. Where would they only take it. In the evening read that “on the Eurovision 2009 choir will perform them. Alexandrov accompanied the hockey team and orchestra “Moscow Virtuosi” under Vladimir Spivakov”. The mood improved slightly. Want our win again.

23 noapara in my firm for the manufacture of balloons need to pay. Somewhere they are right. Leh provides loans at 20 percent. Plus the rollback guide. For the first time sent three letters to the fire inspector. Oddly enough, he didn’t even offended and went to the specified address. Apparently I’m not the first send. Finally the customer. Offered a price two times lower than in September. Better to hang at once. News, heard from the Deputy:”In the restoration of the painting “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”, more popularly known as “Ivan the terrible kills his son” found barcode. The scanner is carried to the bar code revealed that the picture was worth three roubles and a half. Experts can’t explain such low cost of the masterpiece at a time”.It is strange that I can’t explain. Just the picture is not from the same masterpiece was. So for my company soon will be given three and a half. Away, away sad thoughts. Deripaska is now much worse.

27 nabrasyvaetsya garbage near the warehouse of spare parts. Call — 01. The girl on the other end: “You haven’t paid for the previous challenge”. Spat, took a fire extinguisher, Deputy and chief accountant. With difficulty, but was extinguished. Someone from the great said that greed will destroy the world. It Seems Dostoevsky.

10 decapetala bellow after reading news on the Internet:”in the construction of new metro stations of St. Petersburg metro discovered an ancient fortress. The builders excavated a remarkably well preserved ruins, was struck by the fact that on the gate of the fortress clearly read the inscription:”Ilya + Dobrynya + Alesha =DMB-947 R. H.”the origin of the inscriptions found out.”In desperate need for positive emotions. Suppliers of raw materials threaten to kill you for nonpayment. Somewhere I believe them. Leh gives already at 25 percent. Rollback guide remains in force.

25 decapeptides in Europe, and we have a complete ass. The best joke of the year recognized”safe haven”. Energy prices increase by 25%. It seems to start operation to force the business to surrender. Workers staged a stay-in strike. Come to work, but practically doing nothing. Where to find money for salaries. Heard in the store, as one old woman was telling her friend that Abramovich sells Chelsea. Everything is possible, everything is possible. At the gas station filled it with 92 gasoline. Like none of my friends have not seen. My wife hinted that Italy didn’t stutter. Can’t quite believe. Think, kidding.

31 decabrachia this year is over…

5 Jan 2009 galanicheva very little to go on. Learned from the Internet that in 2020, the preparing expedition Chinese astronauts on the sun. The expedition will be conducted in the framework of the program to deal with the overpopulation of China. We have their problems. Today seems to be lucky. Invited to participate in the development of Federal money. Only 15 percent pullback, although all have less than 20 and not talking. Sitting in the country, burn in ovens of paper at the second cashier.

10 navaratnam CSKA has appointed the Brazilian Zico. The lawyer, Hiddink, Laudrup… Maybe we in the government someone to buy from abroad. The policeman came heavily drunk, asked to borrow a hundred. I told him: “I will Tell imperativ Kant’s word for word, ladies.” Said. Next time I’ll have to ask something more complicated. On a business lunch and ordered noodles. Is a joke.

11 amaravila with Ukraine. I read in the Internet:”In connection with the transit of our fuel, scientists at the Moscow aviation Institute suggested a method of sending gas to Europe by means of balloons. This offer is now being actively discussed in the EU”.Yeah, didn’t have long to celebrate. Again, the workers demand a salary, Deputy Prosecutor, tax and the exterminators already in the office. Leh offers under thirty-plus French cognac. Agreed without brandy. Need to start saving.

12 JanuaryApril morning in the Economics Department administration. Asked whether the promised at the end of the previous period benefits for small business. I laughed the whole Department and even the newbie in the office of the Deputy chief. It’s nice that in these troubled times managed to amuse the people. On TV showed eccentric from England thirty years to collect the Rubik’s cube. Started at 17, ended in 47. Too funny. Came well-dressed young men. Asked if I know who the raiders. It is not very fun. Right was our Prime Minister when he said that we would not return in dashing 90-s. We immediately fall in the late 80s. the Government has declared war on the cars. More Vladivostok, Vladivostok less…

14 Navaratri New Year. Destroyed the last reserves of collectible whiskey. I want to write a statement of withdrawal from the middle class. The neighbor brought the moonshine. We must ask him to give the drawings of the apparatus. Gonna take it slow, pour into an old bottle and to entertain friends. “Pajero” eats too much of ‘ 92. It’s time to replace it with something more economical. Really again have to go to “Samara”! God, I don’t want to. Only not to relax. Will stay as Eastern Europe without gas. To the last.

15 anverage heard that if you fall to the bottom, the bottom will definitely knock. It’s time to break the chip. The business is on the brink of extinction. The wife sold the coat and left the same in Italy. “Pajero” in auto system trade-in is waiting for its new owner. Raiders sharpening their teeth at my firm. Leh was advised to buy a franchise… it is Better yadu. Yesterday BPK “Admiral Vinogradov” sunk by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden. A sense of pride for our country. At least in the Gulf of Aden we have everything in order.

20 anjarakandy, Lech is not so wrong. If my business died, then someone else probably lives. Need to find out who in our troubled times was saved. Maybe it’s time to start baking pies or wash gold in our river? In the evening an unknown person tried to open parts warehouse. Called 02. In response to: “the Subscriber is busy or out of network coverage”. Took the Deputy, the chief accountant and a rocket launcher. The attack was successfully repulsed. Victims and destructions.

31 anaranil! More precisely, there were pundits who sell a manufacturing franchise is the cutting of wooden houses. I think it’s time to do real work. Not all air to trade. Russia put a large enema for cleansing the whole body. I need to be cleansed thoroughly. In new York city successfully landed on the water A-320. Our immediately remembered how in the sixties on the river landed the Tu-124. The American pilot immediately declared a national hero, and our first, put on trial and then gave the order. What a different approach to the water landing of the aircraft.

15 revresponse sold in the Nizhny Novgorod province, in a village Sokol. Some kind of “Taiga”. It seems the wiring and complete garbage. The province is long since dead. “Winter has passed, summer came, thank you for this party”. Got into the Internet. It turns out these guys Nizhny Novgorod for several years cut at home for of Europe. Some Norwegian and canadian technologies. And Europeans are grabbing despite the crisis at home like hot cakes. Curious… Can do to become a Builder? Lech told the story:”there Comes a customer on the object, and there dug a huge hole and the bottom of the lantern. — What’s that? — Do not know, but certainly according to the drawings, — cheerfully reported to the superintendent.The customer takes a drawing and turns it upside down. — Cranks — it’s a lighthouse.”

1 metabel in Sokol. There are men with strange axes. They say that Norwegian. House cut out of a painfully large forest. And all sober! Came as usual in the beginning of the month Deputy to clean out the administration. Given, but in the last time. It is time for them all to start to earn. In Sokol Director of the company “Taiga” has told that in Russia, the money lie underfoot, but we go down your nose. He didn’t seem so wrong.

1 apresski over. Bought a franchise and had sent all their workers. To learn the carpenters. In this Sokol a school of carpenters available. It would be necessary to learn. Enough to sit on the Internet! It would be nice to cut down the bathhouse on the plot. I’m a man, or where?Lech told him as the firm was visited by a very large American businessman. In the evening it is, of course, led to bathe. When the American that brought of steam began to revive, he opened his eyes and said, “Now I know why Russians always told me that after a bath they are so good”! “Why?” we asked the American guest. “Because in the bath so bad,” he replied and asked me to take him to the airport and send on the next flight back to his native Houston.

15 augustaityte seized the “Arctic Sea” with a cargo of timber. Or are they the idiots or the forest is now in the price. In Sokol’skoye comes some George fuller from Norway. They say that a great expert and former commando. Previously taught English special forces survival in the snows of Norway. Now coached by Russian carpenters. How the world is changing…

29 augustby at the festival “Carpenter’s amusements”. Lit well. The people gathered from all regions. But all too quickly over. Fuller, lost the competition for the Norwegian felling. Russia — forward!

31 augustasaurus Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. AvtoVAZ decided to cut half of the workers. The Fall Of “Russian Knights”. People covers the Federal highway. I chop the first house. Bath is already on the site. People trained, clean-shaven and curb tool. Call from Germany — interested if we can put a few bungalows in the heart of Dresden. Wife from Italy, she asks visa. Life seems better. It’s time to give credit Leh…


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