Charity with an empty pocket? It’s possible!

In every person’s life there are moments when his employment falls into the variety of reasons: unemployment, family circumstances, retirement, and other and other. What to do in this situation? How to keep his form?

Here and there comes a time when a person needs (unless, of course, he is not indifferent to himself) to answer the question: what do I have now? What I can share with others? How can I be helpful to them?

Few people think about this issue. And this is very significant for us: every day to give something. And to receive in return.

The form in which it can be done? I think it is appropriate to use the word “charity” that the creation is good.

How to do charity work, if you have no money?

Here’s how: you have a huge personal resource — time. If the free time to add professional skill (all forms) — you are almost ready philanthropist: a person who unselfishly do good to others (almost — because you haven’t started to do it).

The application of your forces can be very wide, from floor washing and care of the elderly in a nursing home to conduct free seminars on higher mathematics for secondary school teachers.

If you you can maintain for free the man who never leaves home because of illness or injury. If you are a massage therapist, you can deal with the rehabilitation of victims in accidents (at home or in hospitals). There is the number of examples of such charity.

There is another variant of application of your forces. It is not charity in its pure form, rather it is a barter (as they say in modern language) or barter.

For example, you cook very well, and your friend sews (or Vice versa). Here you can find an equivalent exchange of services. Both win, both improving the quality of life: you wear the better (than before) clothes, and he better eat! Or people need English, and you Tatar…

Such combinations are countless!

And how to start it? Well, in fact, will not go with out of the blue to offer someone your services!

Scheme can be like that.

1. Make a list of people who at least occasionally appear in your field of view.

2. Against each make a record of his business qualities, you may be interested.

3. If you are a person systematic — create cards for each person from the list and fill them as information becomes available.

4. Rank your list according to your needs: first, print those who can bring you any benefits in the near future.

5. Against each name (already in the ordered ranked list), check the service that can offer you.

6. Put against each name in the ordered list the date of the first conversation is already a step towards planning your work for the exchange services (or for charity)

7. After each contact, make a mark, fix the result of the contact and date.

It may seem that a lot of bureaucratic work, all can be stored in memory. Unfortunately, the memory — no matter the tool, it often denies or filters.

In addition, the minimum labour organization, described above, will reduce embarrassing blunders in the work environment. And such failures may include, for example, forgetting names (and not only that).

Wish: if you maintain a Tickler to enter as much data as possible that will you know about your interlocutors and their relatives. Then the possibilities of your charity (or barter) activities will radically increase.

And if you can at least a little to help others, it will change your destiny and can be very cool!

Do charity! Even with an empty pocket! ]

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