Children’s cruelty: why are they suddenly begin to make fun of animals

The psychiatrist-criminalist Michael Vinogradov has explained why teenagers are capable of the crime.

The second week the whole country is discussing the gruesome, bloody and shocking history “in Khabarovsk zhivoderok”. In short – adolescent girls took the puppies and cats, promising to put them in good hands. And slaughtered defenseless animals, removing the whole process on camera. On these pictures it is impossible to watch without tears and terror. And the girls are pretty good at first glance, became the real executioners.

We tried to figure out why it happened, along with an expert.

Where’s the problem?

— All the kids there, good or bad, originates from the family. We need to understand – what kind of families these girls, – answers a question forensic psychiatrist, doctor of medical Sciences and Professor of psychiatry Michael Vinogradov.

One of the girls family is looking quite prosperous. Mom works in law enforcement. Dad was in the military. Works must have both a lot. Certainly both proponents of strict discipline. A second estatelite grandmother brings up. Her mother was deprived of parental rights. There is no father.

— Here is the answer. Even if both mom and dad, if they are both good people and get along with each other, they may the child something to give less. First of all, attention. Came back from work, busy with household Affairs. Dinner to prepare, a report to finish for a TV to relax. And the children no attention. The lack of it – is a major problem in modern families – continues Mikhail Viktorovich.

According to our expert, parents underestimate the role of live communication with the child. After all, he is about five – ten minutes warm, confidential conversation to my heart was calm.

— To Pat the child, to hug, to braid her hair – parental warmth warms the souls of children. And if family relationships are good, but formal, this too can be a problem, says Mikhail Vinogradov.

What can we say about children who grow up without parents. They have even more difficult.

Positive for

Professor encouraging: recognize the child’s aggression can still be. However, parents are not always capable of it. It is better to seek help from a specialist.

In 13 years, at least 12 have to be sure the child was interviewed by the psychologist – not a psychiatrist. It is necessary to reveal all his innermost desires and aggression that is inherent in all children. To identify and channeled in a positive direction.

The thing is that in this age there is a hormonal changes the body. Simply the brain child, but aggression is already quite Mature. Therefore, teenagers are advised to send to sports clubs – Boxing, hockey, aerobics, basketball. Whatever he was somewhere to burn off excess energy.

Home children come already calm. The release of energy occurred, was constructive and, most importantly, – explains Mikhail Viktorovich.

And if you miss out this time and the baby still had a ball? Do to fix it later?

— In this case to go to a psychologist is not just a need but a must. Correction may take about six months. 4-5 months if the child comes in contact. And if not is – sums up the expert.

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