Civil marriage is “defective”?

Civil marriage existed in the XVI century in Holland. But it was a necessary measure, because the Church refused to marry people of different faiths, therefore, the city Council has agreed to register these relationships, they began to be called a civil marriage. Today a civil marriage is called a shared accommodation for two people, who together run a household, but their relationship never was. Proponents of such relationships assure that such a marriage is not lost feeling of freedom.

Usually supporters of civil marriages are men. According to statistics, 85% of civilian husbands consider themselves to be unmarried, and 92% of women in a civil marriage, consider themselves married. Most men think that all women have the goal to get married and for her sake they all do… But every woman is dreaming about beloved man, strong family, good children and, of course, about fairy wedding, white dress, the flowers and the wedding journey in the status of a lawful wife. For the sake of the dreams of the women agree on a civil marriage, when men promise that necessarily marry, but first you need to check the sense…

Most decent single women there is an unwritten rule never to date married men. The stamp in the passport for mistresses is depressing.

The famous singer Lolita Milyavskaya has repeatedly stated in interviews that civil marriage demeans the woman. An ultimatum is not the best option in the relations of lovers, but almost any woman to bear a child in a civil marriage, so it’s best to put the man before a choice: or marriage registration, or another woman.

According to the Family code, if the child was born in wedlock, the child’s mother is the wife and the husband — father. And in a civil marriage mother needs to prove that her husband is the father of the child, or to write a statement of paternity. A woman has the right to refuse to recognize the father of the civil husband, and to prevent a son or daughter to communicate with his own father. Paternity in this case, it can be set only after the child becomes an adult. The DNA of minors can be made only with the consent of the mother.

There is a civil marriage pros. Such relations can be called a “dress rehearsal”, young people can try to live together, to learn how maintain a common household, to plan a family budget. Very often a lot of love and passion not withstand the checks of gray weekdays and way of life. We know that half of registered marriages falling apart, one of the most common reasons is that young is “not together”, and all the wonderful character traits appear during a common residence.

Also civil marriage is a good option, when you start to live together very young people, often students have not yet earned enough money to celebrate a big wedding. Of course, the lovers wants to make this day memorable for whole life, so the celebration was in the restaurant and to come back be sure the limo. The delay, because then it will be unnecessary formality.

From a legal point of view, civil marriage is totally unreliable, was guarantee two parties: in the event of divorce all property acquired during the marriage belongs to the husband and wife not because of who earns how much and whether it works at all. Just need to show the marriage certificate, and the weak side already has guaranteed rights to the content in case of illness, financial help, and if there are common children.

What kind of marriage to live in a civil or registered, addressed only two lovers, but life is unpredictable, and therefore it is better to be safe. Moreover, if the stamp in the passport doesn’t change anything, why not deliver?

The family code provides for the registration of a family without marriage. It is enough to written agreement certified by a notary. The contract can specify all the rules of the game, i.e. it is necessary to provide for the situation, if your roommates want to stop their relationship, or how it will be distributed assets in a divorce, also describe the responsibilities of the partners in the event of the birth of the child.

In a registered marriage all these guarantees provided by law, and in the case of civil marriage, these details must be itemized in the contract. The practice of signing such registration of families without marriage came to us from the Western States, where such contracts are widespread. The problem is that twig will take root in our wild Apple tree.

In a civil marriage, both want freedom, but one always wants to be freer than another. Therefore, if the couple does not want to register their relationships in the registry office, preferably at least sign a contract.

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