Create a web page with a test program.

Well, begin to create the HTML pages with the built-in test program.The questions you can think of your own and post after you have created test on your website. Although it is not necessary to have a website, but if you have a personal page, the portal or website of the organization, any entertainment or educational test may well vary content. And more optional to the website you have all. You can create a quiz and use it without Internet connection. Most users know that you can view web pages without connecting to the Internet, and you can upload them to the website and provide General attention.Let’s use the free features of the program Test & Editor to create a web page with the test.First you need to come up with questions of your test (for me that’s the hardest part 🙂 but for you it is certainly not difficult. You can take existing typical educational tests (if you have the attitude to education), or some psychological tests. And can come up with the questions themselves.Test questions should be such that each question will have multiple answer choices, only one of which is correct.

Now open the application Editor. Will look approximately as shown (only you can fields are filled and active — so as a test you have not yet created and the question is not written). Create a test file by clicking in the menu on the “Create new test”. Save the file on your computer (let’s call it “my test”). If the test includes pictures, you need to move or copy the folder with the created file.Now open the generated file by clicking “Open for editing”.We have a test of one issue that we haven’t even entered in the column… Correct this omission — that is, fill in graphs — the top graph question, and the lower answers. Right next to the right answer, click the mouse respectively and will mark the correct answer.If the issue is the picture, then click “browse” and select it. The file name is displayed in the “Picture with the question”Now click “Create question” and enter the second question of the test. Repeat these steps until, until all of your questions will be introduced. Just in case press the button “Save” (although all except the last entered question, and so remained on a course of action) Test ready!

Exit the Editor application and enter the application Test in the Text

Remember how we named the generated file test (“my test”?) and where in what folder we saved it. Click lone fad menu “choose questions” and select the file “my test.”Now do not pay attention to the upper part of the program, and look at the button “Create web Test” and the settings below. Look long and carefully. Joke. No, — in fact, you can immediately press the button that says “Create a web Test” and can be first to experiment with the settings below, selecting the option design and method of display of images. After clicking the button a window will open save the file. If the images in the test are present, then you need to save the file in the folder with the pictures, if no pictures, then simply save.That’s all — now you can open the html file on your computer and answer the questions. And you can upload it to your site… with related pictures. Unless, of course, it includes the pictures (So you picture the test or not? I don’t know…). Even just a few years ago, there was a resurgence in the popularity of personal pages on the Internet. Surely in our time with even greater growth of the Internet, interest in creating websites with their own forces faded?

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