Danger, extreme, adventure. Who needs a dose of adrenaline?

And maybe this desire is hidden in all of us, but as it is dormant? Do I need to Wake her up is another question. Have you noticed a thought that it would be great to test their strength, to prove themselves? That you are restrained from undertaking any “madness”? Most likely, kept that sense of self-preservation, fear and uncertainty, which, it should be noted, are not always a negative phenomena, but rather a normal reaction to danger or even just possible danger.

So, a serious limiting factor is the sense of self-preservation. It often keeps us from rash actions. By the way, for different people hazard criteria of sometimes quite different. And one is hassle-free, for another it may be invalid or unenforceable. For example, a person, And is able without difficulty to make stunts, but is afraid of the stage, while person B stands freely in front of a huge audience, but is afraid to perform what can A.

Obviously, the conditions under which a person receives a certain dose (sometimes very significant) of adrenaline can be absolutely different in form and content. As a consequence, it is logical to assume that it is not necessary to risk life and limb to experience a kind of euphoria from the adventures of a certain test. In the end, the life of any person is a series of unique tests.

And you, dear reader, ever come to mind thoughts of “How am I boring live…”? Many of these thoughts are familiar, but really if you have nothing to remember? Think, examine your life and you will find many funny, funny, extreme and foolhardy adventures. Let these adventures and do not fall under the accepted standard of extreme lifestyle.

It is worth noting that the widely publicized pattern of behavior of extreme-professional, in addition to the positive example, shows only one kind of “tickle nerves”, which is very traumatic. This one-sided some people can produce a kind of dissatisfaction with their achievements, adventures, life events. As a consequence, other ways to test yourself are in the “oppressed” or hidden state. And these other ways (for example, the same public performances or contests of engineering talent) not getting a proper response in the society. Their popularization would be very useful for society.

So maybe the state or public organizations (for example, in conjunction with the business) should take the idea of promoting alternative types of “adventurism”? For example, begin to make films about the achievements not only in the field of sport…

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