Daria Kananoja again shares a photo with Timur

In the Network appeared photo sharing Daria Kaneohe and Timur Batrutdinova.

Contrary to rumors that Daria Kananoja maintain no relationship with anyone from a fellow member on the project “the Bachelor”, the girls meet at every opportunity. Like for example, now that Daria is staying in Moscow, where he arrived before their first seminar on women’s happiness, which, on 24 August will hold in Ulan-Ude. On pictures in Instagram, the winner of “the Bachelor” in the coffee shop with Angelica kutni, Anne of Ustyuzhanino and Daria cute Belonogko discuss the latest news.

But this time, the network appeared the new joint photo Dasha and Timur! It Timur, in the company of two dash – Kaneohe and Bilonozhko, riding in the Elevator. In the hands of Timur the bottle with alcohol. All participants in warm clothing, in jackets photo of summer does not.

It turns out that the photo posted the finalist of “the Bachelor” Dasha Bilonozhko and signed it: “And behold, I found… We had fun then.” Apparently, the photo was taken after filming of the project, when they still could neither be photographed nor show share pictures. One of podeschi favolista immediately angrily commented on the photo “Photo old. Help support Kanawha a rumor that they are Dating.”

After Timur gave her a bouquet of roses on the recording of the program Aqua Comedy Club in Kazan and expressed their feelings to the entire country, less and less fans of the winner of “the Bachelor,” Daria Kaneohe began to ask her the most boring already with all the question – if they’re together with Timur by Batrutdinova. However, sharing photos Dasha and Timur still give them some hope for a happy ending love story.

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