Denis Klyaver: Kostyushkin realized that apart can brighter

Denis Klyaver told Sobesednik.ru why glad the disintegration of the group “Tea together” and how he manages to keep harmony in the family.

The former participant of group “Tea together” 41-year-old Denis Klyaver holds top ranks of music charts, sings and manages to spend time with his family. We found out why the artist long admitted that he is the son of Ilya Oleinikov, what is the secret of family happiness, who is his authority.

In an interview, Denis Klyaver said that solo projects – it is the crisis of middle age. We asked what he meant.

– Did I say that? – surprised singer. – Maybe (laughs). Probably meant not a crisis, and yet the stage, which is called restructuring. Of course, every actor it goes, but ordinary people. It still inevitably comes the understanding that you need to change something and move on. Personally I have not had any depression, when it was such a moment. Everything was very positive when we had the so-called leap into a solo career.

You know, I never afraid of anything, especially any changes. Because life is a river, there should be constant development and course. Don’t be afraid to sail from the usual Marina (smiles). First of all you need to believe in yourself, understand what you have a goal and just go to them and not to break everything you already have. At some time we Stas Kostyushkin realized that one can Express themselves brighter. As you can see, our solo projects differ in style and successful that can not but rejoice.

Denis admitted that the memory of his father – people’s artist of the Russian Federation Ilya Oleinikova (the program “Town”, “Adam’s Apple”, he died 11 November 2012. – Ed.) motivates the singer to this day.

Timothy with grandpa Ilya Oleynikov / Global Look Press

– My dad is my role model and an authority. He had a long way to its popularity. And really she came to him at age 45, when his life was Yuri Stoyanov (people’s artist of Russia, co-host of the program “Town”. – Ed.) and everyone’s favorite program is “Town”. Frankly, 45 years is a serious age for the artist. If he was unable to achieve popularity, it is unlikely that it will happen. Dad went to his goal and wanted to do what you love despite the age. This confirms that any difficulties can be overcome and everyone can achieve the heights for which he, well, chasing. I’m 19 years old began to actively perform on stage. Joined the world of music with our Duo “Tea for two”. When I decided that I am going to work on a solo project (2012-the artist is engaged in a solo career. – Ed.) I remembered father’s words that everything is relative. I also have a certain level below which you cannot fall, because I am the son of Ilya Oleinikov. I note that nobody knew that we were related. Tried not to talk about. Only when we are with Stas Kostyushkin independently gained fame due to his work, I opened the veil of mystery (laughs). Myself prejudiced against the children of famous people. I believe that it disturbs the viewer genuinely appreciate the talent of the artist, once everything is viewed with some disdain: well, everything is clear, they say, helped move!

Denis Klyaver with his son Timothy / Nikolai Zelenin

Denis is actively involved in not only creativity, but also manages to devote time to the family. The artist is in a third marriage with a Bank officer Irina Fedotova. Four years later, after the wedding the couple had a son Daniel. They also bring along 17-year-old daughter Anastasia from a previous marriage of Irene.

– I believe that the secret to family happiness – to respect each other – says the artist. – If you believe in man, then no ground for jealousy.

It is known that in 2010, Denis has officially recognized his paternity of the daughter of the singer Eva Polna – Evelina (the former soloist of group “visitors from the future”. – Ed.). 10-year-old girl still can not decide what she wants to do.

“I am a happy father,” the singer confessed (to the right is the daughter of Klyaver and eve Polna Evelyn, on the left – the daughter of singer Amalia from businessman Sergei That) / Anatoly Somehow

– She’s very versatile, absolutely creative. Now is singing, dancing, something always comes up. I hope that soon I will decide on what you want to do. I will always support.

It is known that the first marriage Denis Klyaver was a dancer from the ballet of Mikhail Shufutinsky Elena Shestakova, that didn’t last long. The second time the singer married to Julia, a former dancer of the ballet Laima Vaikule. 6 Oct 2001 the couple had a son Timothy. Their Union lasted for eight years.

The marriage of Denis and Elena Shestakova officially lasted 4 years / personal archive

Now Timothy is 14 years old. Already got a black belt in Taekwondo. I have a very sincere, talented and a great guy. I think that in the near future will begin to grasp the basics of the acting profession, in the footsteps of my father. It is very organic, which is important for an actor. Think he is a great prospect. My son and a great relationship – continues the artist. – Most importantly, you need to communicate with the child, to give him as much attention as possible. Thus, your relationship will be built on trust.

Third wife Irina – the best friend of singer / Ruslan Roschupkin

The artist believes that the child should be given to the section that he was accustomed to a certain rhythm of life.

– If the child is constantly busy, he has no time to mess around, especially on all sorts of newfangled gadgets. I’m not saying you need to ban playing computer games, etc. it is Necessary to limit the time and watch what game your child plays. Often there are cruel things. No wonder the games write the age for which they are intended.

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