Dmitry Bykov: Zakharova is not the same. And Safronkov good!

Creative editor in verse – about the amazing metamorphosis of Russian diplomacy.

Zam. Russia’s Ambassador to the UN rudely chastised his British counterpart, except that the Shoe on the table, not knocking you.

He’s funny, Vladimir Safronkov.The entire Internet laughs at him.He’s a character sarcastic verses,Articles, pictures, and parodies.

And I say: what else to expect?Think relevance, irrelevance…the Whole earth he made obturational language and Russian literature!His words “eyes, eyes look!”And style, which is dry and lapidary,famous in our days Than a rumor “let’s Go!” Gagarin.

And these phrases, in fact, equal.Forget the limitations and narrow-mindedness.Then we had a nice space,And now rudeness: this is space!

Dmitry Bykov Andrey Strunin / “The Source”

Is the height, and depth,And depth in its practical,And it is important that reached onew Day of our space nearly.About us shamefully little to say.Much less than during it.”Soak in the toilet” – was the last of vkladu vocabulary of the international jargon.

“Attentional” – nice language,But still tired deviceshow – Lavrov face is not the same. And Safronkov good.

Poetry – she’s always right.Here, I will say now… And fuck you!So bryaknut to remember the words,Weak to all of us, including the President.

And if we the whole world has changed before –In the West, and increasingly in the East, now we change the dictionary:Let for the worst. But the chavs love it.

Such an outcome will not be presideni fifty books, nor even a hundred.When Russia smells of the alley –Let a whiff of it in the UN.

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