And I want to offer you another option — a means of rejuvenation Tibetan medicine. As you know the beauty of human appearance is largely an indicator of overall health. So in order to beat beautiful — you have to beat a healthy.

The recipe is an ancient homeopathic remedies that I propose, found by the expedition of UNESCO in 1971, in a Tibetan monastery and translated from clay tablets to all languages. Dates back to around 4-5 thousand years BC. This infusion cleanses the body of fat and calcium deposits. Dramatically improves the overall metabolism, resulting in blood vessels become more elastic, than is myocardial infarction, angina, sclerosis, paralysis, the formation of various tumors. Disappears the noise in my head, reduced vision. The exact treatment rejuvenates the body.

It is based on garlic and alcohol.Garlic, as you know is very rich in allicin — a special substance that literally “eats” a huge number of pathogenic microbes in the human body. In the bulbs of garlic contains essential and fatty oils, glycoside Allin, vitamins b and C, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine and other trace elements, as well as the enzyme lysozyme and, of course, volatile, which have extremely high biological activity. Garlic has the ability to lower blood pressure, normalizes metabolism, helps the excretion of excess cholesterol, so it is used for the treatment of hypertension and atherosclerosis. The word sing is a truly magical plant can be infinite.

But let’s move on to making money: thoroughly rinse and clean 350 grams of garlic, finely chop and RUB in the vessel a wooden or porcelain spoon. Weigh 200 grams of this mass, taking it from the bottom, where more juice, put in a glass jar, take 200 grams of 96%-Naga alcohol. Vessel close tightly and store in a cool dark place for 10 days. Then a lot of strain through a thick cloth, squeeze. After two or three days to start treatment. To drink drops of cold milk strictly according to the scheme (milk 1.4 Cup).

Drink 15-20 minutes before meals, up to full use.

A second course of treatment not earlier than in 6 years.

Day of reception – Breakfast — Lunch — Ужин1 day — 2 drops — 2 drops — 3 капли2 day — 4 drop — 5 drop — 6 капель3 day — 7 drop — 8 drop — 9 капель4 day — 10 drops 11 drops 12 капель5 day — 13 drops 14 drops 15 капель6 day — 15 drops — 14 drops — 13 капель7 day — 12 drops — 11 drops — 10капель8 day — 9 drops — 8 drops — 7 капель9 day — 6 drops — 5 drops — 4 капли10 day 3 drops — 2 drops — 1 капля11 day — 25 drops 25 drops 25 drops

And to fight unpleasant mouth odor you can use fresh parsley or airnogo root.I wish you success!

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