Dream interpretation: balloons in dream

In real life, balloons are always associated with holidays and fun, but what to expect if they dreamed a dream? Things that full

that is always the sign of emptiness – empty of dreams, words, promises. To cheat – to deceive. Balloons in dreams represent a loss of hope, events that will lead to misfortune. Work will not go as you would like, wait for trouble. To see a balloon in a dream – a waste of life wasted, you are doing unnecessary chores, nothing to worry about, busy. Meanwhile, all the important passes. Your hopes and dreams will not bring the expected happiness. You need to reconsider your life plans, it’s not too late to change.

Hot air ballooning

Up in the air in a balloon or any other vehicle – a sign that the career ladder you will move up. Soon your wishes will come true, on love front will be a success. If the balloon is filled with hot air, then soon your financial position will strengthen, expect more profit, greater return on investment.

Even if it rise not you, but someone else, to see such a dream is good luck in money matters. But there is a negative interpretation of such dreams – planned trip is unsuccessful, it must be postponed until more prosperous times.

To inflate balloons

flying in the sky – the collapse of hopes, impossible dreams. Keep them in hand – you have a friend who talks too much, gossips, don’t trust him with their secrets. If you dream that balls someone blew up here will be your own interpretation.

Balloons in dream is a warning, don’t be too trusting. If you have a new friends – look for them carefully, they can disappoint. Business or personal suggestions, consider carefully, do not rush to make a decision. The result of these transactions, most likely, will not justify your expectations. You don’t have the time to plan the big event it is unsuccessful, they may crack, burst, efforts will be wasted.

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