Ekaterina Vilkova’s looking for an oligarch

Started shooting the adventure Comedy, tentatively called “Number 13”.

Production company of Igor Tolstunov (PROFIT) started filming the new adventure Comedy, tentatively called “Number 13”. One of the main roles went to Ekaterina Vilkova, which will appear before the audience in the role of a children’s figure skating coach.

Most of the filming will take place on the exotic island of Koh Tao in Thailand. In the story the heroine Vilkova – Rita falls in love with a successful businessman, but he leaves her for the sister of one of the richest people in Russia, being in the ranking at number 13. Rita decides in whatever was to seduce a rich man and with his help to avenge her beloved. The problem is that the mysterious tycoon is strictly avoids publicity and nobody knows what he looks like. We only know that he spends a lot of time scuba diving in Thailand. There Rita and goes on “hunting” in the company of a young journalist who will conduct their own investigation.

Partners Catherine Vilkova became Maxim Matveev (“Clutches”, “dandies,” “the Tariff new year’s”), Konstantin Kryukov (“9 Rota”, “Heat”, “Pickup: Eat without rules”), Marat Basharov (“72 meters”, “Turkish gambit”, “Julie”) and other Russian actors.

Since many of the scenes in the film will be shot under water, now Ekaterina Vilkova, and Konstantin Kryukov, Marat Basharov undergo special training to dive in the pool “Olympic” in Moscow. After they will receive a certificate divers, the crew will leave to Thailand.

Will soon begin shooting the fourth part of the picture of spider-Man, in which the main role

will play the recently selected Jamie bell

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