Elena Kuletskaya became a mother

Elena Kuletskaya — one of the famous Russian model and successful TV presenters. At the time, she attributed novels with Dima Bilan and Mickey Rourke. However, the girl chose

to marry a cameraman Stanislav Romanovsky

. Wife to the last secret that to have a baby. Even persistently were circulating rumors about the pregnancy of Elena, they did not comment and did not confirm. And only a couple of months ago when an interesting position to hide became impossible, kolecka Romanovsky and shared with all their joy.

It should say that the presenter all 9 months led an active lifestyle. Even at 7 months pregnant she participated in fashion shows. Elena chose the clinic in which to give birth, and had passed examination. The fact that she has a negative RH factor, and at the husband — positive. And, in recognition kuletskoy, she in childhood had heard horror stories about rhesus-conflict. “All this time, and even more — we come “to the stork” in advance)). I very carefully chose the center, to and professional, with regular advanced training and the latest equipment and doctors and the “wall” human. My stretching of Soviet beliefs, fears about my negative RH factor (the husband is positive in all senses), dispelled immediately. Yes, we were tested, but, girls, if someone like me in my youth intimidated prejudices… mom — dad + is not a problem in modern medicine! To find her husband’s blood group is not necessarily all the rays of love and zdorovaja future mummies!” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. WomanHit.ru).

And yesterday, Elena has shared with fans the joy she finally saw my baby. Posting a photo from the hospital, she briefly signed it: “…mother…”

The happy parents while hiding gender, height and weight of the newborn. But mom and baby are both doing well. Soon they will be discharged and while the Pope prepares for their arrival.

“Hurrah! Helen, Congratulations to your entire family on the birth of a beautiful baby. Now you are a happy mother and happy toddler. Congratulations!!! We wish you good health, happiness, love mom and baby!!! Congratulations, and health to you both and quiet nights. It’s a crazy responsibility and endless happiness!!! Be strong and patient, wise and healthy. It’s happiness, there’s a new man! And now you would call important words — mom and dad! I am sincerely glad for You! Congratulations!” — fans showered greetings 33-year-old Elena Kuletskoy.

A few minutes ago Elena, according to numerous requests from fans, has decided to tell the details about how was the birth and issued a birth certificate. “One day our happiness.

in KG Lapino

we had our daughter Romanovskaya Nika Stanislavovna. The growth of 55 cm with a weight of 3850. With an incredibly light hand and a high precision guidance of the doctor, everything went easily and naturally. After a couple of hours we were already in the house and almost did not breathe over our small bundle of joy. Thank you for this ocean of love, my Stanislav Romanovsky, my fairy Layla Kulumbegova for the sensitive management of our 9 months, and is the sea a warm greetings to all of you, sincerely, thank you! Sending you a universe of good,” wrote the happy mom.

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