Exclusive: 5 tips from Nina Campbell

How to decorate the interior in our Northern latitudes, where lack of light and heat, advises a famous British designer.

Decorator, designer, Bureau chief Nina Campbell Furniture. Beginning his career in the famous Colefax & Fowler, but soon opened his own business. Interiors by Nina Campbell for 30 years, embody the spirit and style of the English house. In addition to interior two times per year under its own brand produces a collection of furniture, textile, gift packaging and home fragrances. For Osborn and Little twice a year creates a collection of Wallpapers, fabrics and lace. Winner of the national award of the American Fashion Award in the category “Most outstanding designer of the year” awards Timeless Design Award of the national Foundation Royal Oak Foundation. Honorary doctor of Middlesex University. The mother of three children and the author of three books.

Nina is sure that the secret of its success lies in the fact that, in documenting someone’s home, it leaves its own ambitions beyond the threshold and listens carefully to the desires and tastes of their clients. Operates strictly within the allotted budget. Not distracted by details and not proceeding with the selection of individual items, such as carpets or

until you know what its design setting: goals, priorities, constraints. Knows and loves to mix the classic with the contemporary, because the only way to create an interior out of time. But most importantly, Nina Campbell knows how to put very specific questions and very specific to answer them. You can try to use this scheme.

“I never sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. And try to bring into every room at least a modicum of irony”.

I don’t like the room, similar to showrooms. The interior should be easy “curvature”. Eclectic is much more fun than strictly historical aged style. If you feel this is you, then it is acceptable. The only thing I can’t stand is dirty or broken things. Unkempt bed is horrible. To go to sleep in nezapravlenny in the morning bed for me totally unacceptable.

In your Northern latitudes is not enough heat and light. But to paint all the rooms in one of the red and white colors – not the best way. The red interior will be more like bloody blockbuster. Enough one of the red room. It could be hallway or office. As for the lack of light, I’m sure such a room with white paint will not save. In order to enliven space,it is better to use saturated colors. If the trees outside the window most of the year are bare, hang up red and orange

. They reflect light, coloring everything in warm colors, so even in winter it seems that the room shines the summer sun.

I pick up

, braid, lampshades and other home accessories as well as I would choose shoes or a handbag to suit. The right shoes can completely change your appearance and Vice versa, if you have “wrong” shoes, you will feel old-fashioned even to very beautiful dress. Pay more attention to home accessories, don’t have the years of faded pillows, if their long time to throw away. If you are very fond of some bright fabric, then think if you can find a use in small interior items, like pillows or chairs, where it will look less Intrusive than, say, on the sofas or as curtains. Another advantage of accessories is that they are easy to change.

From 1 June to 1 July 2008 in the village”, Ecoestate Pavlovskaya Sloboda” in Moscow it was possible in all the details the house is decorated English decorator Nina Campbell. Of course, we took the opportunity to show you the interior.

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