Fifth Limb, Borders, and magic 108 :)

How often do we remember about my fifth limb?Feel it?Perceive whether we extremity your head?

(also interesting point about “hit” — sounds like an accident, but in fact we all are able to analyze the weather, watch the news or Yandex-weather, in the end, knowing Moscow — just take an umbrella :)).“Closer to the body”,as would say a tipster :)the Most noticeable drop of rain is the one that first breaks through the hair and not having to heat up — gets warm on top, and that cold drop begins to flow down the scalp…

Familiar with that feeling? 🙂

Always wanted to wander through the rain without shoes and umbrella… When seen in the movies — take your breath away 🙂 some feeling of Freedom 🙂 without thinking about the alkaline rains, the chemicals flowing down from the sky, dirty Moscow air dissolved in these droplets…

Here we met withthe”FIFTH LIMB” head :)And what do You think? :)Yes, from the standpoint of physical therapy, the Head is one of the five legs (the horror — the man with the European perception of the world to the present is almost impossible, people in training is usually the first time is also going into shock too since we all live in my head).

So I slowly walked home, felt as the water flows under the hair, bleeding for the scruff of the neck, the face… you have such an experience?

I can now feel the surface of the head?

Take a break from reading — give yourself a moment 🙂

Entire surface: the back of the head, behind the ears, top of head, forehead, face, cheekbones, cheeks, chin…

Yes, it is difficult.There are plenty of reasons(about them later, including free online training on April 20-21)

And why actually you need a feeling of the head? Yes, and other parts of the body?

Our perception of ourselves and a sense of the limits of the body — the most important aspect of the perception Itself of the World, in the World. This affects self esteem and relationships with others. The ability to “be here now”. To move forward and to achieve.As said A. Loween (the founder of existential directional body-oriented psychotherapy), “man “moored” to reality at both ends of the body: down through contact with the earth”, and up through the crown of the head.

The same way Dookie practice and attention to three “tip-body”:— the contact with the sensations in the crown— enhances the feeling of ascending currents of “energy” (the boundary “man — heaven”);— contact with the sensations in the palms— gives the feeling of interaction, stay in reality and the relations (border “people — person”);— Contact with sensations in the feet— enhances the feeling of descending flows of “energy” (border “people — land”). Read more about feet in General and their role in our lives, read the article “the ABCs of body. Feet.”

And what to do in everyday life? 🙂 Not to go the same every time under the rain…

For feeling all the limits of the body is very useful dousing with cold water during this process, you simultaneously can feel the surface of the body — this includes life, activates the nerve endings, provides an understanding of the here and now, etc.

Winter swimming gives still the same, even stronger results, but I always recommend only that the practice Itself 🙂 Marievale not tried it, although people know these.If you decide or already have such experience — Write about feelings 🙂 Discuss 🙂

Another good technique for inclusions morning, grounding, contact with reality —“108 steps by the Creek”

This is one of the practices of Buddhist monks, have come down to us.

The monks each morning, was held at the mountain brook (if someone had been in the mountains — imagine what icy water in the river) exactly 108 steps.

In our conditions, the stream could be found, but it was difficult :)I use the water in the bath — pour cold water (about 20 cm or level feet, then you can increase the depth of the calf) and striding briskly in her 108 times. Pleasure and cheerfulness guaranteed 🙂

By the way, in winter you can substitute for walking in the snow.

And what about the Magic? Why 108?Here is what “Wikipedia”:

108 passions — based on the fact that a person has six kinds of sensations through the organs of sense, plus consciousness. Each of these ways of understanding the world includes the three feelings of sensual experience — pleasant, unpleasant and neutral. Total — 18. Double this number because each of these feelings, or leads to bliss, or, on the contrary, pushes away from him. We get the figure 36. But since this experience exists in past, present and future, multiply 36 by 3. Get the 108 passions.

Be in touch with themselves and the World, Julia Portland

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