First aid for shock

Do you know what to do if a person fell into a state of shock or badly hurt? This will tell our professional expert.

When bleeding

If the body of the victim multiple injuries, determine the most severe bleeding that must be stopped as quickly as possible as it poses a real threat to life.

If the wound is a foreign body, do not remove it.

Your task is to stop the bleeding. To do this, use a clean, if possible sterile pressure bandage (no bandage clean clothes, towel).

Lift the injured limb and the seat of the victim.

If blood seeps through the bandage, apply additional cloths and wrap them with a bandage over the old bandage.

Do not remove the bandages already soaked with blood.

In shock

All the victims regardless of whether they have a big blood loss or not, can fall into a state of shock. Take steps to prevent shock.

Signs of shock:

Pale, cold and moist skin

Anxiety, apathy

Weak rapid pulse

Shortness of breath



How to help?

. Keep the victim warm and laid him on his back, raise the legs to 30 cm above the level of the body (if there is no injury of the head, neck or spine).

Keep the victim calm, provide assistance in the presence of other injuries or illnesses that may contribute to the development of shock.

Do not let the victim to drink with the complaints of acute abdominal pain.

For an emergency ambulance-call “03”. If possible, have someone to call at that time, as you assist.

Try to identify other problems that are not directly pose a threat to the life of the victim, but can have serious consequences if left unattended.

. Talk to the victim and/or witnesses – the information obtained will facilitate the work of emergency doctors.

Remember that the movement of the victim can lead to the deterioration of his condition. The examination and aid leave it in the position in which found.

Andrew Solis, the rescuer of the 1st class of EMERCOM of Russia, Moscow region

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