Forgotten promises Serdyukov

If anyone remembers, on September 24 last year in St. Petersburg at a meeting with human rights defenders the Minister of defence of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov has proposed to set up a special parent committees who have been able to observe the work of conscription campaigns, to accompany recruits to the place of service and inspect military units.

The defense Minister then spoke about the latest innovations for soldiers undergoing compulsory military service. So, for the new recruits made a special hour of rest after lunch, almost lifted restrictions on the use of mobile phones. In addition, since the spring draft 2010, to the extent possible, recruits, assured Serdyukov, distribute to serve closer to home.

It’s been almost six months since that event. The source.ru asked in the human rights organization “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg”, as the Minister has fulfilled his promises.

About mobile phones I even did not ask information about how the founding fathers of the commanders locked them and do not allow conscripts to make a call even on Sundays, are full of reports of human rights defenders. But for other items the Chairman of the public human rights organization “Soldiers’ mothers of PETERSBURG” Ella Polyakova presented the Source.ru here is a report.

Even we are not always allowed in part. But for us it is not an end in itself, although doing regular monitoring of the rights of servicemen and specific egregious cases, we regularly hold talks with commanders of military units for this reason. And sometimes understanding. But the recruiting Commission are doing everything possible to avoid the control of parents ‘ committees and human rights organizations. In the end, the army and get those recruits, who have every right not to serve. Anything over and our attempt to accompany recruits to a service place that we took during the autumn draft. The first shipment of recruits was in Kaliningrad. We were invited to fly with them. Our partner organization in Kaliningrad (the Committee of Soldiers ‘ mothers) has prepared a press conference. However, it turned out that the military Board for civilians, there’s no place we were asked to go to a part at his own expense and on their own. The event, therefore, was lost completely.

But in the parts where you said still, allowed without problems, it is possible to achieve control?

– Here’s an example. In the beginning of this year to us in the mail came a cry for help from the parent Committee of Nizhny Novgorod region. In part, then let the parents saw and learned about the beatings, and extortion, and God knows what more. In the end, the parent Committee to which only chiefs did not apply to Almost anything a parent did not achieve military for all their complaints answer as usual your facts during the inspection did not find confirmation. But not if each part has a parent Committee. Not every mother can reach the part. For example, not all parents from St. Petersburg have the opportunity to reach the son, who is literally “at hand” – in the village of lebyazh’e of Leningrad oblast. So, what part of no take.

– And with a promise to send to serve closer to home?

– Unfortunately, in the armed forces is still in effect, the extraterritorial principle of recruitment. Promise to serve close to home to practice to make very difficult. The family has to collect information, to make the act of marital status, then “at the discretion of command.” But even if the promise that the son will serve near to the house -this does not mean that it will. The boy was sent to serve first in the “lad camp”, really close to home, and then – hell: the Caucasus, Siberia, Armenia, Tajikistan…

They are now a year instead of two. Whether analyzing statistics appeals to you, to conclude that the percentage of bullying decreased? Or the presence of violence and hazing still does not depend on the lifetime?

– It appeals to us and what show come to us young people, this is not hazing, but torture, slave labor, extortion and other delights “conscription slavery”. Now much more violent, as it dramatically increased the number appeal, has reduced the number of officers. And often, officers are beating soldiers. Apparently, it will last exactly as long as the citizens and the government will not abolish the conscription system and then in Russia will be a civilized volunteer army, which will defend the person and not to kill, rape, humiliate.

Only that the Deputy Prosecutor General and Chief military Prosecutor, Sergei Fridinsky, said that last year 18% increase in the number of crimes with violence.

In March, we asked 37 people, 16 of them were illegally called, have serious disease, four had to leave part 7 – the facts of torture and extortion. Only last month, we recorded four cases when because of his injuries, doctors were forced to remove the soldiers of the spleen!

I am only talking about those cases when people actually come down to us, written statement, and we began to work. But the “hot line” our organization receives ten times more calls, but not all complained reach of the organization. And some are not ready to write an official statement…

Recently The Source.ru wrote posluchaj with Artem Brishing Kamenka, which was taken in spite of disabled parents and that it was seriously ill, but he was not sent to the hospital, and put in the outfit… What about him now? To this question we replied the lawyer, “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg” Victor Andreev.

Artyom brish was IHC in the near future will be dismissed from the military unit in Kamenka for health reasons. But, as usually happens in such cases, the investigator of the military investigation Department of the UPC in the Vyborg garrison refused to initiate criminal proceedings against offenders Artem.

Of course, this ruling will be appealed by the lawyers of the organization. Now Artem needs to issue a notary power of attorney so we can represent him in court and helped him to realize the constitutional right of victims to access to justice.

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