From keira Knightley’s missing Breasts

Close keira Knightley sounding the alarm: the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and were not particularly heroic physique, but lately, it seems, stopped eating and is so skinny that some can’t look at her without crying.

Relatives of the actress was hoping that after marriage that even a little bit better, because she promised to make mom happy grandson or granddaughter. But instead, in the spring of Cyrus made a splash at fashion Week in Paris thanks to its extremely slim waist, does not fit the plans of replenishment of the family. Now that the wedding has passed more than a year, if there is, it is only for the worse.

The last photo shoot for the Western gloss is more frightening than pleasing: Knightley he looks exhausted and haggard, although, judging by the fact that the girl was stripped, had planned something completely different – erotic and inspiring. But the Briton dramatically thinner, and her Breasts, and the best years are not able to compete with the forms of Pamela Anderson, now aspire to boyish. For what then was to remove the top heroines, I think, hardly able to understand herself.

Husband artist James Rayton, by the way, was unhappy with the staff, made a very famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier. A musician from a not very widely promoted in our UK band Klaxons, say, felt that the Frenchman’s time to retire, if he thinks these pictures Kira successful. Perhaps James is right, after all, two weeks ago, Patrick turned 71, and at that age any naked body of a young girl beautifully.

Meanwhile, our heroine still does not feel too thin and all accusations of anorexia denies, explaining the skin and bones heredity. And her chest, keira insists, has never disappeared, just on the set she often put something in her bra or was “painted” on the posters. She said she would like to look more like a woman than a teenager, but no luck. But, unlike most peers, she never had to diet, and for that, I’m sure Kira, you can put up even a size zero.

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