Fruit increase hunger: the advice of nutritionists is now in question

Eating fruit increases hunger because of their sugar. This warning

Researchers from the University of southern California examined the effects of glucose and fructose on the brain. Fructose — the sugar that occurs in fruits, honey and sweeteners. Glucose is another type of sugar that contains almost all carbohydrates, including bread.

It turned out that fructose causes the characteristic spasms of hunger in a person that increase his craving for sweet foods. Thus, fruits which are traditionally considered part of a healthy diet, in fact, increase people’s feeling of hunger. This was proved by the experiment in which volunteers were fed food containing fructose, which led to more activity areas encourage the brain responsible for hunger.

Curiously, when eating foods with glucose such strong demand for sweet foods did not occur. Volunteers offered immediately after a meal to eat sweet or to receive by mail a month little money. Consumed fructose people most often chose sweet, and got the glucose content with the money.

By the way, recently, scientists from Cornell University found that eaten before going to the supermarket Apple helps a person in the mood to buy more healthy foods, including plenty of vegetables and fruits. Apples are an excellent means of satisfying hunger, as established researchers, which is contrary to the results obtained by their colleagues in California.

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