Fruits and vegetables can slow the development of multiple sclerosis

Fruits and vegetables can help reduce the severity of symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Following a healthy diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, can reduce disability and decrease symptoms in patients rasseyannyi sclerosis. These are the results of research scientists from the School of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University. They found that following a healthy diet people with multiple sclerosis for 20% less faced with severe physical disabilities, 50% less frequently with depression, by 30% less – with severe fatigue and 40% less – with pain compared with those who did not watch my diet so carefully.

To achieve this effect it was necessary not to forget about other factors of a healthy lifestyle, including a proper weight and regular physical activity and avoiding harmful habits like. In the diet of people who prefer a healthy diet, included minimal amount of red and processed meat.

Scientists emphasize that patients with multiple sclerosis often ask about how to delay the development of an incurable disease. Research has proven that diet plays a significant role in this matter. Among the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis disorder of mobility, decreased visual acuity, pain and fatigue.

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