Gordon chided the Army in silly PR

The famous blonde-the human rights activist has condemned the singer for the buzz.

Kate Gordon, an ardent fighter for justice… Singer, radio host and human rights activist defends several famous women affected by the “monsters”of men.

Among her clients is ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov Catherine Safronov and actress Catherine Arkharov, which was beaten by her husband, now former, Marat Basharov.

This time Gordon was revolted by “PR” Nikita Dzhigurda – as she called it

the divorce

Marina Anisina Those.

To clothe each other in show business seems to have become fashionable! The mere statement of Timothy that is, when he blamed his blog Bilan

in the use of drugs

Kate, however, their claims were expressed by the Chair person.

“Yesterday, I told him in person that PR went stupid with the divorce, that said, I do not remember, but I remember that we all our star trash tusoy very fun lit” – said Gordon in his Instagram.

Recall that one of the most outrageous pairs have recently been on the verge of divorce. Moreover, Nikita wanted to take Nikita for their children and leave them to France. And Dzhigurda nerves already in the hospital!

But, it seems, lovers ‘ tiffs are harmless. Recently Anisina took the divorce papers from the court.

“The revocation of a Declaration does not mean that all is well. But Marina and Nikita decided to keep family and try to cope with the problems, told Woman’s Day Marina the lawyer Sergei Zhorin. – 23 February was the anniversary of their wedding. Nikita flew to Paris. And they finally managed to meet face to face and talk without intermediaries. After all, the friends of the Marina and Nikita was, unfortunately, hostile, and bowed both to divorce, but when they could all safely discuss together, decided not to make hasty decisions.”

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