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For the performance ofKemerovo Governor recently personally participated in the negotiations with the terrorists who seized 5 people at a local Bank. “It pains me to say this, but, unfortunately, the man who seized the Bank, swatted,” he summed up his labors Tuleyev. Well, at least the hostages are all alive. By the way, the Governor three times already in a similar situation, rescued the hostages. Maybe you should change jobs?Gennady Zyuganov,the envy ofthe Communist Leader summed up the result of regional elections: “In prison, where two hundred criminals, almost all voted for the “United Russia”… Before, they are more likely to vote for Zhirinovsky. There was something they liked “United Russia”. And the mental hospital: there is also all”. No need to envy, and then, God forbid, your electorate will go mad.Mikhail MargelovFor the generosity ofthe Senator said that Russia is ready to send urgent humanitarian aid to Sudan. Our blood we will sacrifice the country’s President, who, after the issuance of the Hague Tribunal, a warrant for his arrest withdrew the permission to work with Western humanitarian organizations. Margelov is not ready to “fill the void” and just wants “to avoid a humanitarian disaster”!

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