Happy man and his credo!

I feel physically healthy, and all this because. I lead a good lifestyle. I know what foods my body requires to maintain good physical shape.

I completely shielded themselves from all sorts of fears and negative expectations. I don’t find reasons to hate someone, to make someone jealous, I just love all people without exception.

I found my favorite thing, it was my job and because I like to work – I get this real pleasure. Maybe that’s because I never get tired of their work.

I every day speak the words of gratitude, but I thank don for the obtained material wealth, and for the knowledge that helped me to get them and more effectively put them to use.

I try never to speak badly about someone.

I’m not asking for anything from other people, except for one thing – allow me to share with them the wealth produced by me.

I feel free because my conscience is clear. And I trust her to manage decision-making.

I never did bad because I never had enemies and envious. I always try to help those people with whom I had to encounter on the way to the achievement of the treasures of life. I make them my companions in this way.

I don’t need riches that I will not be able to use in life, don’t need because I am free from greed, covetousness and envy. And if my condition is more that I need, I am always ready to share.

My status, my wealth is constantly increasing, and it is not taxed, as it exists only in my mind. This wealth is not visible, it cannot be touched because it’s inside me. And only those people who would like to stand in my way, will be able to understand the value and become owners of all these countless treasures. Let us explore together, to study the laws of nature to the laws of our existence have become as harmonious – in fact this is the main condition to achieve the desired.

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