Horoscope from Sergei Bezborodov: June 25 – July 1

Aries (21.03-20.04)

On the foreground there will be relationships with colleagues and superiors – you can be caught in the middle.There is a risk of metabolic disorders.Partner make you laugh.

Taurus (21.04-20.05)

There is a good part time job. The greatest success of trade workers.On health benefits will go swimming.It is not excluded as a proposal of marriage and offer of divorce.

Gemini (21.05-21.06)

Will quickly master multiple specialties.Effective various methods of physiotherapy.Your family members will be moping and complaining about life.

Cancer (22.06-22.07)

Successful will be everything related to public appearances and events.Take care of joints.In your life will be a place to flirt, but the family is not in danger.

Leo (23.07-23.08)

You instruct the compilation of an important document, try not to make mistakes.A good time to start the prevention of heart disease.In personal life everything is harmonious.

Virgo (24.08-23.09)

Best of all cases develop in those who work in the field of communication and transport.Don’t leave treatment prematurely.In love occurs a prolonged but quiet conflict.

Libra (24.09-23.10)

The likely transition to a new job, which promises great prospects in the future.Try to eat less starchy.Partner will help the Council in regard to work.

Scorpio (24.10-22.11)

You used to do everything by yourself, and it starts to bother you.Do not overload the nervous system.Appears fan on the side that will tear you recognition.

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12)

Good results are waiting for those who work in psychology, law, Economics.Health will be stable.You may have to pull your entire family.

Capricorn (22.12-20.01)

You will find a way to save energy and money in terms of work.Try to extend the sleep time.It is not excluded an affair.

Aquarius (21.01-20.02)

The larger your enterprise, the more successful the rest of this week.Take care of the health of their vessels.The fear of rejection prevents you from being honest.

Pisces (21.02-20.03)

Will have to ponder switching to another job. Successful areas – construction and agriculture.Health not cause trouble.In love everything is stable.

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