How dangerous energy drinks?

If initially, these drinks are marketed as beverages for party-goers to have last had the strength and energy to the total dedication of themselves to the night events, but now they are used from morning to evening. And, worst of all, one of the main consumers are children.

What’s in the jar?So let’s look at the label and see what is hidden in a metal jar.

1. Substances, tonics nervous system (caffeine, herbal extracts of guarana and ginseng). 2. Carbohydrates — energy carriers, such as glucose, sucrose. 3. Elements, stimulates metabolism: b-vitamins and vitamin-like substances, such as taurine. 4. Flavours and food additives.

What gives?Energy drinks are soft drinks that give a short burst of energy. Internal human resources are mobilized, but it is always worth remembering that human resources are not limitless and continuous stimulation can lead to tragic consequences. Therefore, when their daily use is possible to achieve quite the opposite result, instead of cheerfulness can make fatigue and other unpleasant consequences: heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, insomnia, even can come quite joyless state of depression.

All energy drinks have caffeine or caffeinated herbal extracts such as guarana. One bottle of this drink contains about 90 milligrams of caffeine — a quantity equivalent to a Cup of strong instant coffee with a volume of 100 milliliters.

Caffeine and toning plant extracts (Gourhan, ginseng), according to the specialists of the clinic of medical nutrition, contraindicated for people with increased nervous excitability, as well as those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, etc.). Caffeine also has a negative effect on the health of the gastrointestinal tract, can provoke exacerbation of ulcers and gastritis.

It is worth remembering that energy drinks are not a source of vitamins.

Along with the above mentioned energy drinks, there are energy drinks designed especially for athletes. They are called isotonic. They are not carbonated, and, unlike their more harmful counterparts, do not contain stimulating ingredients like caffeine and guarana. They include El-carnitine that helps to burn fat and keep muscle tone, thus improving the heart muscle, and vitamins and minerals that restore the body after physical exertion.

Specific contraindications of Sotnikov not available. The only is an individual intolerance to any component of the composition of such beverage. Isotonic can be purchased at the health food store and the gym. They come in the form of drinks or powders with flavors or without them. The drink is ready for use immediately, the powder must be diluted with water.

So, one thing is clear: energy drinks, giving nothing to the organism, only force it to spend its internal resources. If without these drinks do you still have no idea their normal existence, it should at least limit yourself to their use:no more than twice per week and not more than half a liter a day — then do no harm.

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