How the Moon affects humans?

We know that the ebb and flow of tides on our earth exist due to the moon. It is not surprising that this property of the moon influences human behavior, because our body consists of water on 80%. At full moon the water balance not only in the world’s oceans, but also in our body, and with it our behavior and health. Circadian rhythm of human lunar, not solar, and our biological clock, according to scientists, not wound up on 24 and 25 hours (the duration of the lunar day).

For doctors the time of the full moon hot time, patients received one and a half times more than in normal times. Modern research has shown that side effects from medications drugs are stronger in the full moon. The person becomes ill, and receive a new call “ambulance”.

In those days, even the effect of alcohol becomes unpredictable. Under the influence of earth’s satellite and received alcohol person is covered by a strong concern or desire for intense activities, and this leads to no good. An increasing number of injuries and accidents. So be careful on the full moon, do not abuse alcohol.

Most unpleasant for a person the influence of the moon is somnambulism. The problem lies largely in the fact that it is possible to be a sleepwalker and not even knowing it. Perhaps that is why on this phenomenon there are many legends. Lunatics often associated with something mysterious, arose many superstitions concerning this disease. Try to understand what makes man walk in the night, and whether it be healed?

It appears that somnambulism is not a rare phenomenon: about 2 percent of people are sleepwalkers. As for the symptoms of this disease — it is worth noting that even our ancestors noticed that people suffering from lunacy react negatively to bright light of the full moon. All the feelings and reactions of a person are heightened, he becomes irritable, felt a chronic disease. In children, the symptoms of sleepwalking are exacerbated when they are overexcited or something very worried.

Often in such a state can fall and totally healthy person, especially if he suffered a stress. During the “going to” work all the senses: eyes open, he hears, sees, feels, holds the balance. But the sense of danger is greatly blunted, and sometimes it can make such a dizzying trick that would not have been able to do in a normal state. After waking up a sleepwalker remembers nothing and is surprised to find himself not in his bed but somewhere else (outside, on the balconyetc.

If you notice that your friends or loved ones begin to “wander” at night, as soon as possible consult a doctor. Such circulation can be very dangerous, primarily for the patient, since then there is a possibility of developing epilepsy.

Hypnobat almost impossible to Wake up. To end the tragedy in the night hide the car keys, the front door. You can put bars on the Windows and balconies. The furniture in the apartment, try to arrange so that there is less acute angles.

Some believe that the lunatics can be tied to the bed or put a basin of water near it, but it does not always help. The patient is not awake, able to untie the rope and around a container of water.

The result can be stated as follows: the Moon controls us, our emotions, and we’re only small particles, like molecules of water in the ocean, which she easily moves from place to place.

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