How to attract male attention?

1. Smile.

A joyful person always attracts attention. Such a person attracts people, and besides, it’s that simple! Smile — and you’ll see how in response, the people will smile back at you, so will notice.

2. Be bright!

Be visible. Try to always be in the center of the room. In the bar take a seat in the corner of the bar — the bartenders tend to these places and there is more concentration of people. Do not are together with your friends (especially with friends), otherwise you’ll be less available. No man wants to be rejected in front of other women and may not be suitable to you if you are surrounded by friends. You can come along, but crossing the threshold, to share.

The Golden rule of flirting you should always look good, even if you go to the store shopping. In addition to external attractiveness it will give you a sense of confidence.

Wear clothes that slightly flatters the figure, high-heeled shoes. Clothing should be a provocative element. She can best fit for you part of the body. Even if you wear a loose blouse, put her belt to show the waistline (loose clothing only emphasizes that you want to hide something), undo one button more than what is permitted. But this is not to overdo, not to look too vulgar or overly available.

It is desirable to have clothing or to wear something that attracts attention, something vivid detail — a scarf, a handkerchief, an unusual handbag. If you have beautiful Breasts and neck, then this can be a sparkling brooch, charm necklace, original earrings, but if good hands are several rings on the fingers. Among other things, the man in this case will be easier to start a conversation, making you a compliment.

Be sure to apply makeup, but do not paint too much to look unnatural. Bright lipstick will make you more noticeable. Be sure to do manicure: men like women with manicured, painted nails. If your favorite color is black or gray, and the closet you are building on the principle “simple but tasteful”, it’s time to add some color! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour, bright things always attract attention. Just do not overdo it — max in one set of valid two bright colors. If you have difficult to start wearing things “rainbow colors”, try to dilute your casual outfit bright, eye-catching details: a bracelet, belt or jewelry. Just not all at once!

3. Communicate.

People love when they pay attention, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice from a stranger or ask for help. In the shop, technicians can ask for advice from male buyers, and on the street — just to know the time or ask directions. The more you can tie the conversation with strangers, the more confident and relaxed you will feel.

4. Be confident.

The most important quality that will allow you to be visible always, of course, confidence. From a confident man waves comes reliability, success, well-being. So try to look confident, and love yourself for who you are and don’t be afraid to Express their opinion.

5. You need to tune in to the man.

If you think that you’re too fat, thin, old, etc., to attract the attention of men, you will not be able to do. As well as if you feel guilt or shame for his past, or, conversely, regret it. You must dismiss all negative thoughts and emotions and believe that the man you are waiting, can meet you in any place and at any time.

Successful flirting is possible only with a positive attitude. Describe on paper all your negative thoughts and then burn it. This ritual will help to improve your mood. In the presence of men you don’t have to be dull. Manage to impress a cheerful and easy in communication.

And remember: you are a person, unique and unrepeatable, and therefore deserve attention. But to your inner world to see the surrounding, it is necessary to develop and show. And this is in your hands!

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