How to care for shoes?

Shoe care includes: — cleaning; — drying; — cleaning; — polishing; — impregnation.

Rules for Shoe care will help You to: — protect your shoes from the adverse effects of the environment; — extend the life of shoes; — always wear well-groomed attractive shoes.

Cleaning smooth leather shoes

Dirty shoes should first be cleaned of dirt with a brush, wipe with a damp, then dry with a soft flannel cloth. If the shoes are dirty, they can be rinsed with cool water (not for long), trying to avoid the moisture inside.

Cleaning nubuck shoes

Shoes nubuck is cleaned only in a dry condition. To remove dirt and dust you need to use a special brush; many manufacturers of means to care for shoes have special rubber. With proper selection of brushes (gum) shoes after cleaning will not only clean, but also rough. Dirt from the soles and heels can be removed with a damp flannel cloth.

Drying shoes

You should dry shoes at room temperature. In any case, the shoes cannot be dried on the radiator or use a heating device.

Cleaning smooth leather shoes

Apply special substance on the surface of a dry Shoe with a brush or sponge. Evenly distribute the product across the surface of the skin. Wait until the substance is absorbed and dry. Depending on which cream You will use, it will take from 5 to 30 minutes.

Cleaning nubuck shoes

Of course, the means by which you can clean the shoes with smooth leather, not suitable for nubuck. The majority of manufacturers of care products for shoes offer special nubuck shoes. It can be impregnation, spray, gum, cream. You can use only those of them that say that they are suitable for nubuck.

Polishing smooth leather shoes

To improve the appearance of the Shoe should be treated with special products that give Shine and brightness of color. Polishing (brightening) of the shoes used creams, waxes, aerosols, sponge with drawing. To raspolirovat the above tools with a brush (preferably with natural bristles) or a special polishing cloth.

The impregnation of shoes

Mainly impregnation of shoes is carried out using water repellents. Note that impregnation for smooth leather and nubuck differ. So pay attention to guidelines for the use of each product You are using. Very often, creams, waxes, etc. for cleaning and polishing shoes are water repellent.

Before using any Shoe care, read the instructions and act strictly on it. Do not remove the shoes, stepping on the heel. To wear with earhook. Use high-quality means to care for shoes. There are a number of tools to restore shoes: if cracks, stains, scratches, scuffs St. When used properly, they can be applied to shoes. Reasonable Shoe care — a guarantee of its long life!

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