How to choose a pocket dog?

For me a dog is primarily a friend and companion. And the devotion and love dogs in General not depend on its size. Today I want to think abouthow to choose a pocket dog

Pocket dog called because of his small size. Pocket dog is not the ones you can hide in your pocket, these are the Pets that can be worn on the hands in special handbags, that is just a small members of the species. These include the Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese (Maltese), toy poodle, Russian toy and other dogs, having a small size.

The size of all the “pocket dogs” allows you to walk them just for fun and health. To do their “Affairs” they can at home on the linen. Boys toilet equipped with special column. The ability to “walk” a dog house is an undisputable advantage, because sometimes walking in the street is simply impossible — the disease of the host, hurricane, flood… And the dog don’t explain…

how to choose a pocket dog, do not forget that each breed has certain standards and, buying a puppy is much smaller, you risk to buy a pet with health problem. Of course, to love you and the weak health of the creature, but to maintain his health will take a lot of effort and money if you can? So you are not wrong in choosing a pet, consider the existing standard and some of the characteristics of pocket Pets.

The dog portivo adult weight should not exceed 3 kg. the Minimum weight of the Chihuahua, is listed in the Guinness Book of records — 822 grams, height 10 cm To avoid problems related to health, it is better to purchase an animal, the estimated weight of which in adulthood will be between one to two kilograms. The nature of the sneeze lively, bold, naughty and attentive. This dog sits on the site, it is very mobile.

Yorkshire Terrier — a breed that I personally have earned enormous respect. I, as owner of two Chicks of this breed, it seems that better Pets does not happen. Understand that each owner his pet is the best, but Yorkies are the most devoted, the most intelligent, moderately movable. They play with you when you want or sleep all day if you want. They are unobtrusive and yet very gentle and loving. They feel the mood of the owner and are always there.

Yorkshire Terriers are well trained. However, training them is absolutely not necessary. Sometimes I think they understand our speech. One day my husband said that our little fat, it is time for her to restrict access to the bowl. That in this moment ate. You should have seen the look she gave my husband!!! Then pointedly turned and walked away. She’s not fit to bowl, while her husband asked for her forgiveness… I would not have believed if I hadn’t seen it all…

If you wonderhow to choose a pocket dog ofYorkshire breed, I would recommend to pay attention to the middle weight category, that is, puppy is not a mini, and standard. Adult weight of the dogs should fluctuate in the range of 2.5−3 kg. Yorkies don’t shed, which is another advantage of the breed. If desired, the dog can be nice to mow and problems with care will become even smaller.

Royal dog weighing 3-4 kg, height of 25 cm (at the withers). The Maltese is a fluffy white ball of happiness. To make the dog look good, it needs professional care. The Maltese character is soft and cheerful. The dog is alert, fearless and humane. She will love to play with you and your children.

Toy poodlerecently became rarely meet on the streets. But to no avail. These miniature dogs with a height of about 25 cm very sociable and cheerful. The poodles are extremely intelligent and teachable. If this were not so, it is unlikely that they would use in a circus to display the various tricks…

And a few words aboutthe Russian toy Terrier… a Great companion dog. Dog lively, cheerful, loving people. Weight Russian toy Terrier should not exceed 3 kg.

If you are thinking whether to buy a pocket dog, drop your doubts! The love and devotion of these wonderful creatures will make your life brighter, kinder and better.

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