How to convert a potential head real? Three Employee characteristics Dream

“Not tired. I always look at the head,” she says, wielding behind my back worse than Edward Scissorhands. “And believe me, can easily tell who dyes their hair at the salon, who is at the hairdresser who’s… Oh, look, you got someone breeds!” Said and laughs. Stylists have such a specific sense of humor…

Well, that was a lyrical prelude to our topic dedicated to personal growth and increase personal effectiveness. A small life success story so popular these days. Because today’s life requires each of us to be successful. Don’t ask me why. It is an axiom. How to be successful? The answer is simple: to be a soft place in a warm place.

Think about how to turn potential head in real competently and to cut off the competitors?

Since summary writing exclusively (as summary) the real heroes of labor, it is necessary to carefully try to become the best of the best. It is necessary to understand who employers are looking for. Just note that the variety of taste they do not differ. Never seen the ads: “it takes a lazy, irresponsible dumbass that will disappear in a month with materiel”.

So who need them?First of all, a strong work ethic, able for a moment to turn from a person into a real professional. The devotee who is always thinking about business, even when it is not in the business.

Imagine you — a pediatric dentist! Rest in the country. And then a neighbor’s child falls, hits his face, the gums are broken, blood gushing fountain.

You take tools, the second conjure the patient’s mouth, and now he is laughing. “Listen up, mommy, “they concluded you a tone that brooked no objections. — “There must be something to do stop by tomorrow — I have a scalpel and anesthesia“. Stop! The scalpel and anesthesia… here, tonight, Saturday, in the country… why, they told me, you ask?

Answer — becausea true professional will meet any attack head-on, it is impossible to surprise! He will provide for all possible situations — he had no reason to fuss.

Suppose you’re an accountant. Standing in line at the tax. With accountants it happens. Frustrated people leave the office — they have records not accepted. Now they go to work, to alter and to return to the sullen gray of the crowd. But… who’s that in the crowd? It’s you! You say: “Before there was a queue, and now cyber-turn!” and out of the portfolio of the laptop, print small printer. Errors you no longer terrible, you can correct them on the spot.

In the details it’s all — the worker that dream, the person who can take on the entire burden of responsibility and to carry it, and Westie, and westii.

But fair interview, where you are, fortunately, still do not know, you have to prove that you are that kind of person. It will not be easy. You will need a couple of phrases that shatter any doubts on your account:

Here they are:

“You can call me even at night, and I …”. And further regardless of the position you are applying for: “make sure”, “will perform in the shortest possible time”, “solve this question”, etc.

Giving unrealistic promises have to follow them at least for a trial period. After discharge you will be more difficult. Promise the interviewee anything, but just in case, nothing specific. Show that they are able to sacrifice in the name of the business, even if you are not sure what is actually the case.

“I quit my job, because I want to grow and develop. Because people need to see the results of their work, and not just the sky smoke”

To see in the head purely mercenary monster — like look in the mirror. Even the Czechs (or Dostoevsky, or someone else?) wrote that it is not necessary to evaluate human nature from such a narrow, biased point of view. Show your desire for something unattainable, air — to Dream. But it is important not to overdo it, then the boss might think that in free flight you are planning to land straight in his chair.

You — applicant, not Luke Skywalker — the phantom menace from Star wars. For this reason, it is not necessary to frighten the employer by the excessive knowledge of the subject, law, in respect to labour law, particularly.

And the last phrase of the Queen — sense.“If need be, I’ll leverage all our”. You must show that you have connections, even if the bones are willing to go to about these “relationships” no one would know.

Well, I outlined to you the purpose and suggested methods of its torpedoing. Torpedo health! And soon you will feel the result! Of course, there are many beautiful and stupid phrases with a unique ability to convince, nothing knew. But to dissipate the energy they do not, as a good fellow, like a good scout, always remains a mystery not only for those who are working, but for himself.

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